Gabby Bianco is our Muse

Article by Mish Barber-Way

Smoke Season’s frontwoman Gabby Bianco talks gender, fashion, being a producer, and going solo.


LOS Angeles-based power duo Smoke Season was gearing up for SXSW, the annual Austin, Texas, music fest, when we caught up with frontwoman Gabby Bianco.

As the 30-year-old musician-producer sits in our makeup chair, she recounts her favorite festival shows — Noise Pop in San Francisco and Echo Park Rising in Los Angeles — and explains the importance of checking the stage mechanics. 

“Soundcheck usually consists of me making sure the pipes in the ceiling or the scaffolding onstage can handle my body,” she says. “I will climb or jump off anything. I have a good time onstage, much to my body’s dismay.”

Since forming their band in 2013, Bianco and multitalented musician Jason Rosen have manifested a strong following with their eccentric blend of indie-electronica. “We’re one half Portugal. The Man and one half No Doubt,” Bianco explains, shaking her long auburn hair. “We like to play with brightness—colors, textures, and music. We are heavy on the sunshine. We’re sunny punk.”

In addition to her work in Smoke Season, Bianco recently embarked on a solo project, a six-song EP titled BIIANCO. She wrote, produced, and played everything herself, and enlisted Grammy-winning engineer Matt Wiggins (known for his work with pop icon Adele) to add some magic to the final mix. Bianco says she just wanted to make the music she listens to when she’s “crying, driving, or having sex,” but what resulted is a spectacular collection of chill-wave electronica. We sat down to talk with the up-and-coming producer about her latest project, and what it means to pose for Penthouse.