Girl Next Door Cam Fantasies

Article by Sam Machado

The Girl Next Door on Live Sex Chat

Here’s the way it goes with your fantasy Girl Next Door. (Remember, we are always here to help.) … So …

You’re home by yourself. It’s a weekend afternoon. You’re hanging in your apartment playing a video game to pass the time. You’re bored, but doing what you can to stay entertained. After all, there’s not much going on, and you need to unwind. You’ve had a crazy long week, so you could use some down time.

Then you notice something when you look out your window. You see a hot blonde girl next door as she steps inside her building. You’ve seen her around the neighborhood before. She’s a cutie. Great hair, nice tits, long legs. Just the kind of girl you’d love to ask out … or ask in.

Wouldn’t it be a dream to knock on her door to ask for some “flour?” She happily offers to help and invites you in. But right when she’s about to hand you the bag, all the powder explodes all over her shirt.

“Oh, excuse me,” she says while she goes down the hallway and unbuttons her blouse.

You get a nice peak at her while she removes her top. She notices you looking at her. You get super awkward and apologize. “I should go!”

“No, don’t go,” she says with a smirk.

She walks up to you with her cleavage exposed and then she touches your hand. “Did you like what you saw?” she asks. (Because the Girl Next Door always seems to be unnaturally clueless in fantasies, of course. Enough breaking up the fantasy, though. Sorry about that.)

Then she brings you into her bedroom. By that point, things are getting so hot and heavy you wonder how you’ve been neighbors for so long without this finally happening.

Does this sound like a fantasy that needs to be fulfilled, or would you rather play that video game? If it helps, we know a place with thousands of “girls next door waiting” to get that flour for you — only to find an excuse to flash her tits. Let us recommend a comfortable chair, a nice frosty beverage, and (Cookies optional, but if you play your cards right, you’ll be seeing plenty of those.)

Our cam “Girl Next Door” players have become so popular that they have their own category these days. We all enjoy the fun of having live sex with an exotic glamour girl, but when you find the girl who looks like she could live across the street from you, that feels so much more natural and effortless. Those girls online are the ones you can have a real connection with. You might run into her at the grocery story — buying flour, naturally — or you might see her just enjoying the scenery in a park. They are approachable, though, and that makes the experience all the more fulfilling.

The conversation could start off exactly the same as that ridiculous flour scenario. (Because bags of flour do not spontaneously burst, you know.) You go into her chatroom and tell her you want to have a cup of coffee to welcome her to the neighborhood … or, in this case, the website. So you make small talk until you drip some coffee on your pants. … You should probably take them off … and your new girl next door friend will not mind at all. …

See where we’re going here?

It’s simple, really. Instead of always looking for the wildest, most out of the box (as it were), outrageous experience you can dream up, just take it a little easy for a change. Relax. …You might be surprised how quickly you finid that shy-looking girl next door who really knows how to help frost your cake. In fact, let us offer some live cam girls who will help you in all sorts of unimagined ways. We should all take time to look for some simple kindness in this chaotic world. …

The Girl Next Door to Someone for Sure

Tyna Heart

Tyna Heart for Camster

“Tyna Heart is gorgeous! She has the power to make your heart skip a beat! Tyna was so sexy and beautiful, and I can’t wait to experience her sexiness and sweetness again!!!”

Gigi Belle

Girl Next Door Gigi Belle

“Gigi delivered a great blowjob in private, talking dirty when she was not sucking, as well as fondling her big, beautiful breasts!”

Kay Devon

Kay Devon, Girl Next Door to Someone

“Wow! Kay is an amazing supermodel. She is beautiful, intelligent, and incredibly playful. Her positive energy and contagious smile will captivate your heart. Her private shows will intoxicate you and keep you cumming back for more.”


Alejandhra Next Door for Camster

“I do not have enough words to explain how this amazing, fantastic, beautiful woman has changed my life. She is a gift from God for all those who have the extreme pleasure of spending time with her. Honestly, all men should get to know her.”

Serena Olsen

Camster Girl Next Door Serena Olsen

“She is amazing. Looks great naked. Gives the best head. Loved watching her cum.”

Short of actually wandering down the hallway in your apartment and knocking on doors, or approaching a similar task wandering around your neighborhood, Camster provides an ideal way to discover the perfect Girl Next Door for you. We also have the benefit of experiencing a wide variety of flavors before you settle on that one perfect treat (for a time). We will also never slam a door in your face or call the management on you, so that’s a plus.

In fact, we love special flavors around here. … When you’re recuperating between visits, you can always take up baking. With any luck, you’ll run out of flour.