5 Most Iconic Watches from the James Bond Franchise

Article by Tobias Handke

A License To Kill Always Comes With Horological Perks

Think iconic watches, and then recognize James Bond as hands down one of films most stylish icons. The fictional British Secret Service agent with a penchant for vodka martinis (shaken not stirred), loose women and cheesy one-liners is also known for his impeccable fashion taste.

Throughout 25 films the man with a license to kill has killed dozens of people while wearing designer suits and custom apparel from some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. Not only does he have great taste in clothing, but Bond has also sported some of the most memorable and iconic watches in film history. From Sean Connery’s classic Rolex Submariner to Daniel Craig’s Omega Seamaster, these are the greatest timepieces from the Bond franchise you wish you owned.

RolexDr. No — Rolex Submariner

It’s hard to forget Sean Connery’s first outing as charming undercover operative 007. Not only is he mesmerising in a baby blue number, but Connery also helped put Rolex on the map by wearing the company’s soon to be famous Rolex Submariner. The classic timepiece became the must-have accessory for men of the 60s who wanted to emulate Bond’s cool swagger and masculine style. While quite basic compared to today’s elaborate designs, it’s the sleek and minimal look of the Submariner that won audiences over. Fun fact; it’s rumoured the Rolex seen in Dr. No came from Connery’s personal collection, with original Submariner’s fetching up to $100K at auction.

Iconic WatchesThe Spy Who Loved Me — Seiko 0674 LC

Always one to keep with current trends, Bond swapped his traditional Swiss Rolex for the Japanese made Seiko digital timepiece in 1977s The Spy Who Love Me. The rectangular-shaped Seiko is a little clunky in appearance but is a revolutionary product. The lack of date and seconds functions takes time to adjust to, but this is more than made up for by the vibrant LCD display that illuminates the day of the week and tells you whether it’s AM or PM. The Seiko 0674 LC might not have the classic appeal of analogue watches, but it’s still a fashionable wrist accessory big with today’s youth, particularly hipsters.

Iconic WatchesThe Living Daylights — TAG Heuer Professional 

The Timothy Dalton Bond’s aren’t highly regarded by many, but they did give us a selection of sleek looking TAG Heuer watches. The clear standout worn by 007 is the subtle TAG Heuer Professional from The Living Daylights. This solid dive watch comes in a black case and bracelet with a contrasting luminous dial, matching the darker tone of the film.

OmegaTomorrow Never Dies — Omega Seamaster Professional

The Bond films were revitalised during the 90s thanks to Pierce Bronson and a new partnership with Omega. While Bronson wears several variations of the Omega Seamaster during his four-film run, it’s hard to go past the distinct Seamaster Professional from Tomorrow Never Dies. This incarnation of the famed watch swaps quartz for an automatic chronometer with a date window, three hands and illuminated markings. The blue-faced dial is also waterproof up to 300 metres and can remotely detonate a hand grenade, well at least the Bond version can.

Iconic WatchesSkyfall — Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 

Daniel Craig’s introduction as a new serious Bond meant a change of tact when it came to his wristwatch accessory. While Omega continues to be the timepiece of choice, Craig’s Bond upgraded to the Seamaster Planet Ocean, a stylish and moderately designed watch with a unique titanium case. My favourite Planet Ocean is the one Craig sports in Skyfall. This heavy-duty accessory has a 42mm case and solid steel band that looks good whether you’re attending a poker game or defending your childhood home from a crazed psychopath.

Just a suggestion here, but while you’re stuck home with the pandemic, you might shop around on eBay for some iconic watches. At some point you’ll be able to go back out and impress your friends, and until then you dog will love them.

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