Jeep Trick

Article by Team Penthouse

The Pandemic finally shows signs of slowing, and with that should come your plan to invest in the best.

The New Frontier

Trends may come and go, but quality never goes out of style. Consequently our oh-so-cleverly-named Jeep Trick presentation shows off one in the category of life’s things always worth spending a bit more on when the time comes. Check out the new innovative Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, which has seriously raised the bar for all 4x4s.

Jeeps and Bounds

Behold the most technically advanced and eco-friendly Wrangler ever, as Jeep makes good on its promise to bring the most innovative, environmentally friendly SUVs to market with the introduction of an electrified model of one of its most iconic nameplates.

After already having introduced a plug-in Jeep Renegade and Compass, the unveiling of the new Wrangler 4xe Rubicon at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas created yet another milestone in the legendary marque’s hybrid-filled vision for the future.

Powered by Fiat Chrysler’s latest development in the hybrid-energy tech space, the 4xe features an advanced powertrain that integrates two electric motors and a 400-volt battery pack with a fuel-efficient, turbocharged, four-cylinder engine — both combined with a TorqueFlite eight-speed automatic transmission. Utilizing Jeep’s two-liter eTorque turbocharged gas engine, the Wrangler 4xe uses an electric motor in between the engine and transmission to create a hybrid drivetrain. Amazing, right?

Touted to give 25 miles of pure electric juice before the engine kicks in, the Wrangler’s hybrid powertrain provides daily commuters with a silent, emission-free ride, as well as fully integrated, precision off-road capability sure to make even the most militant four-wheel-drive purists a bit weak in the knees. Along with its electrified stablemates, the new plug-in Wrangler will wear the 4xe badge, a nod to the legacy automaker’s four-wheel-drive pedigree and newly acquired powertrain tech. Expect to see them treading silently and lightly on our shores in early 2021.

Some photography provided by Jeep.

An Unabashedly Jeep Trick

Now the magazine article (more or less) ends at that point, but as we prefer on the web version of our Brand Identity, we decided to elaborate a bit. To be clear, Penthouse Pet (June 2019) Addie Andrews has no direct connection with the primary topic of this enterprise today. As far as we know, Addie does not even drive a Jeep and may never in fact have even ridden inside one. That said, she did author a bit of a strip tease feature on PenthouseGold which they helpfully titled “Luxury Appliance” in that world. This seemed perfect for us, because as it turns out, more than one of us felt more than a little intrigued by this Jeep that would allow one to drive back and forth to work for free, but still escape to the mountains every weekend.

Los Angeles has many, many people, as you may know, but it also has many nearby escapes that a good 4×4 can help one reach. In fact, at least one ambitious — and almost certainly kidding — person wished to run right out buy a Jeep 4xe today. It seems after signing all the papers the plan would be to come back here and run over the vociferous teammate incessantly touting the as yet still imaginary Ford Bronco in the parking lot. … This qualified as an “appliance” use as far as we could determine. (In fairness, it does not take much of an excuse for any of us to bring up Addie Andrews again.)

If nothing else, the Jeep Trick title should now make more sense. Also, should any of us ever really find ourselves in possession of an actual Jeep 4xe, we plan on asking Addie to take a ride with us. Sam Philips knows her personally, you know.