Kenn Lichtenwalter

Article by Team Penthouse

If you have never heard the name, Kenn Lichtenwalter happens to be a unique American photographer from New York City who creates “urban erotica.”

It’s How You View It

Only utilizing available light, Kenn exclusively shoots in New York City, where his focus is on juxtaposing the female form with the architecture of the Big Apple, always emphasizing composition, angle and perspective in his images.

How did you get your start in photography?

I’ve had a fascination with photography since a young age and sporadically took photos through my college years. Shortly after earning a degree in business administration, I crazily chose to attend a photography school, and it was at that point I really became hooked on the magic of film and the creative process. I now shoot exclusively digital but really adhere to many of the principles I had learned while working with film.

How would you describe your photography aesthetic now?

My photographic endeavor now for a number of years has been to shoot urban erotica. I thrive on juxtaposing the female persona and form against an urban backdrop, placing an emphasis on composition, angle and perspective. Personally, I thrive on putting order to chaos. Particularly in New York City, where it’s always chaotic. To work with a model and bring some order to the space is very fulfilling.

What reactions do you get when you’re shooting in public?

When shooting in public, I’ve usually sought to be as discrete as possible, where the public either isn’t around or won’t notice. Lately though, I’ve begun to photograph nude models in very public spaces. Interestingly, I’ve found many New Yorkers could care less, as I suppose they’ve already pretty much seen it all, or they are otherwise easily distracted with phones or in a rush to get wherever they are going. It’s become an interesting social dynamic that I’m seeking to explore further.

Have you ever gotten in trouble for one of your public nude shoots?

I’ve had a few police encounters in which a mutual understanding was reached to move along. It is legal for women to be topless in public spaces in NYC, so that helps.

Have you got a favorite image of yours?

The image in this layout of the model photographed from a very low perspective with the skyscrapers above her. I just love the pose she came up with, it exudes so much energy. The angle is very provocative. The backdrop is equally dramatic. For me, this image has all of the pieces of the puzzle working together.

Consider this a Safe Kenn Lichtenwalter Sample (more or less)

As you might imagine, we cannot show much of Kenn’s art in this public space where sensitive eyes of any age might run across them. That would against our company policy. That said, we obviously encourage you to Join PenthouseGold if you find yourself of legal age and have an interest in the “fewer restrictions” — at it were. Should you wish to see Kenn Lichtenwalter’s work specifically, you might look up Kenn at his site for that. You could even follow him on Instagram, should you be a social media creature.

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