Labor Day Pet

Article by Team Penthouse

While never rising to the level of captivating and thought-provoking cinema, when our video department puts together these little holiday diddies for social media, we do like to share them as well.

Cuddle our Labor Day Pets

At this point, we could have spun into some deep and erudite discussion regarding the meaning of Labor Day in general (and thus a Labor Day Pet specifically). The consensus in the room at that point and time basically boiled down to, “Wow! That would be exceptionally boring.”

So we decided to simply grab a couple of other pictures of the Pets included in our Labor Day video, which if not particularly clever, would at least allow you longer than a couple of seconds to look at each one of them.

For the record, in order of video appearance, our Labor Day Pets (on video) would be … Emma Hix (May 2020), Carolina White (September 2021), Kenzie Anne (November 2020), Anny Aurora (December 2019), Lacey London (March 2021). Cherie Noel (August 2021), Jisel Lynn (January 2019), Vanna Bardot (January 2021), Meaghan Stanfill (March 2020), Addie Andrews (June 2019), Lacy Lennon (November 2019), Carolina White again (because cowgirls rock), Sky Wonderland (July 2021), and Blake Blossom (December 2020).

In fairness, there were a few flickering body parts in there which we could not identify — a fact that really did not disturb any of us, truth be told. Whatever the case, we salute the video editor that managed to put all of those people in a 60-second video. We were going to conclude with interviews of some of the social media people about how professionally relying only on those with attention spans measured in seconds might not be the wisest long-term strategy, but we could not get one to sit down for the interview.

What a long, strange trip it will be.

By the way, should you really, really want to know about the origins of Labor Day, you can look on for some insight. We should warn you, though, that history seems to have a lot more flashing advertisements than it used to back in the card catalog days.