Penthouse Retrospective

by Christine Colby Originally Published: May, 2011

Andrew W.K. | 10 Years Ago This Month

It takes effort, but it’s such a blessing to be able to put effort into something like that.

Don’t you ever want a day off from partying?

That’s the day that you can party just by lying down and meditating. Meditation or rest is just as important. You’ve gotta follow whatever comes to you and just enjoy the full range and spectrum of everything we have here. I mean the full range of emotion — sadness is not a bad thing. We have to be able to have happy days and sad days and good times.

You’ve described yourself as a “New Age motivational speaker.” What is your definition of “New Age”?

I don’t know what the traditional definition is…

Well, I think of hippies and crystals.

Shoot, I guess it contains that. To me it’s just new. We’re in a new age. It’s part of a new way of thinking for the future, based on, I guess, very traditional, age-old ideas. It’s an important time to revel and celebrate, but at the same time keep perspective on what really matters and what is really important. I think we are in this new age of humanity.

As one might expect, Andrew W.K. has his own appropriately titled web site with the subtle tagline: God of Partying. You might find it interesting as well. … On a more tangential note, while we have zero indication at all — none to be perfectly clear — that Andrew W.K. has ever visited a cam site at all, even once, ever, we do feel confident that some Andrew W.K. followers might have. We feel equally safe in the presumption that at least some of these adventurous individuals will at one point or another have felt enticed by Fetish Cam play. Daring people tend to be daring in general, after all, and thus we applaud them.

Andrew W.K.

Photograph by Neil Wilder / Corbis Outline

One may safely presume that an individual calling himself the "God of Partying" will tend to have an entertaining personality. Meet Andrew W.K. as we did, like a slap on the back from a long-lost friend.

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