Penthouse Retrospective

by Rick Petreycik Originally Published: July, 2001

Blink-182 | 20 Years Ago This Month

The boys’ fidelity was tested when erotic film star (and 1990 Penthouse Pet of the Year Runner-Up) Janine Lindemulder agreed to be photographed with the band for the covers of Enema. “She was super funny, super cool, really intelligent, well-spoken, quick-witted … and we got to see her panties,” Hoppus says. “Plus, we got to ask her questions that all men want the answers to, like ‘Do the people in the films really have orgasms?’ and ‘Is the sex real?’ She’s like the Yoda of sex.”

“And does she ever envision us during her work?” Delonge adds. “We thought that maybe she was a big fan and always fantasized about us, but it turned out the answer was no.”

“She said that, yes, she really has orgasms,” Hoppus says. “And she told us stories about how she’d go out and find girls and then do threesomes.”

“But,” Delonge continues, “the main thing we wanted to know is if she really enjoys her work, and, of course, the answer was yes.”

Hoppus, Delonge, and Barker have a number of interests that have kept them occupied during their breaks from recording and touring. In addition to teaching drumming technique to 36 students around Southern California, Barker runs a clothing company that designs and manufactures T-shirts, sweatshirts, purses, belts, and belt buckles. “I just got sick of wearing stuff that I didn’t really like,” he says. “So me and a cool bunch of friends from my hometown started Famous Stars & Straps, which has a lot to do with tattoo art. It started out as a little thing, but now we’ve got accounts in England.”

Delonge spends his time reading about his favorite obsessions: aliens and conspiracy theories. According to his findings, the two are intricately related. “I bought a computer specifically to go online and do some research,” he says. “Then I started reading more books on the subject. which directed me toward government conspiracy theories, which directed me toward world affairs, which directed me to secret societies, which took me to ancient Egypt. It’s all intertwined. It’s all the same thing, and it’s really interesting. One of my favorite compositions is ‘Aliens Exist’ [from Enema of the State]. It’s my little conspiracy song, and the dynamics, the arrangement, and the words and everything came together perfectly. It’s cool because I wrote a song about something that I’m really passionate about.”

Hoppus has found his calling by playing the stock market, but with mixed results. “I’ve been buying stocks because I want to invest wisely in my future,” he says with a grin. “But pretty much everything I buy turns to shit. If I buy stock in a company, it’s definitely marked for destruction.”

Now that Take Off Your Pants and Jacket is on the shelves, Blink-182 is embarking on a whirlwind world tour that is scheduled to end by the fall of 2002. Then the fellows will begin working on their next studio album. “The success of the band is definitely a lot to take in,” Hoppus says. “Had this not happened, I’d probably be living at my mom’s house rent-free, masturbating and playing video games all day long.”

“And at the family dinner table, too,” Delonge adds.

“Yeah,” Hoppus says, laughing. “At the family dinner table. But seriously, it’s hard because it seems like we’re always getting good news. And there’s no place to go except down. But we’ve done so much more with our band than we ever thought possible. So much so that whenever it does go down, I can’t be upset about anything. I got to do everything I ever wanted to do in my life.”

Oddly enough, after all these years, Blink-182 has not advanced even a single blink. You can still find them around, though, and you cannot say that about many bands from 20 years ago. Should you find yourself in the mood for more of this folksey soft rock sort of thing, you might consider renewing your acquaintance with Godsmack too.