Penthouse Retrospective

by Karen Moline Originally Published: February, 1993

Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford saunters into the room, pushing her mane of beautiful, thick, healthy, and blond-streaked hair off her face.


Cindy Crawford

Her slim legs are clad in sheer black stockings and perched atop wafer-thin heels. has always been the all-American girl next door, with a clean-cut, believable, healthy look that is tantalizing to men, but with a friendliness and a hint of curviness that appeal to women who are tired of stick thin models with silicone enhanced cleavage. She has never been the kind of superstar model who parties all night and pouts all day. Nor was she an overnight success. She worked extremely hard to overcome the criticism that once accompanied photos highlighting her now trademark mole just above her lips and persevered despite the then pervasive preference for blue-eyed blondes.

As Cindy talked to interviewer Karen Moline about the business, her self-image, and her husband, actor Richard Gere, she didn’t display even a hint of insecurity. At 26, an age when many models are considered past their prime, Cindy has the kind of attitude that keeps her on top.

First of all, tell us about your marriage to Richard Gere.

The wedding was a surprise for both of us. I had wanted to get married; it was really important to me. But Richard didn’t. Not that he didn’t want a lasting relationship with someone, but marriage, for him, symbolized everything suburban and boring and normal, and he didn’t want that. For the ceremony, which was rather unexpected, I made rings from aluminum foil! Those rings are what I care about. I’m going to get them dipped-like baby shoes-because otherwise they’ll disintegrate.

Were your friends surprised that the wedding finally happened?

It’s so funny – I have a girlfriend the same age as me, and her boyfriend is the same age as Richard, and they’ve been together the same amount of time as we have. She and I would always call each other and mope that we weren’t married. Right after the wedding, my sister called her and said, “Sit down.”

“Oh my god, they got engaged,” my friend said.

“Worse,” said my sister.

“They got married.” I could write a book and sell a million copies on how to get that lifelong bachelor to marry you-even though I don’t know how it worked. We just decided that if we’re going to do it, we might as well do it. Richard is not really into planning things, so it worked out well for him. And when you’re famous, the press just destroys you. Look at Julia Roberts – it became everyone’s business. That’s what we were trying to avoid, so I am glad we did it this way. Two hours later it was reported on CNN. And the next day, we both went back to work.

Has the marriage changed your relationship?

The only change for me is that now we can plan our future together, make it a priority, and take the time to be together. It’s easier for me, because if Richard is doing a film, he’s in the same place for three months. I can say, “Okay, I’ll work every other week, so I can be there with him for a week at a time.” And although having a family is a high priority, I am not pregnant!

How do you deal with all the tabloid-style rumors about Richard?

You just learn not to read anything or pay any attention to it. You can’t let it affect you, because if you do, it’s too damaging. Richard is actually great about it – things affect him less than they do me. He’s not attached to it, even when people write good things. It’s easy to like the good stuff and then say “Oh, I don’t read it” when it’s bad.

The original supermodel is more confident than she used to be, but still has realistic expectations for her future. Learn some more about the model men admire and women emulate.