Bill Burr | 10 Years Ago This Month

Bill Burr Conceptual Art

Penthouse Magazine - June, 2011Ginger Ninja

Since that early Philadelphia night, though, Bill’s since expanded into movies, TV, and podcasts, all while maintaining his road-warrior stand-up schedule.MORE from Penthouse

Every comic sets out to be unique. Bill Burr probably started that same way, but he found a personality and took off running down the road.

Tool | 20 Years Ago This Month

Tool on Stage Conceptual Art

Penthouse Magazine - June, 2001Ironically not  Being a Tool

There’s no sign outside the nondescript building on busy Lankershim Boulevard in Universal City California, only a small notice on the locked front door announcing that the entrance is around back. Off an alley there’s a small outdoor parking lot boasting a single basketball hoop — and absolutely no hint that you’ve arrived at an elaborate state-of-the-art music-making complex where such high-powered acts as Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson and Limp Bizkit have toiled.MORE from Penthouse

Choose the name "Tool" for your band, and you'll raise some eyebrows. Manage to live up to the name without being a Tool, and you've made it.

Chuck Stuart | 30 Years Ago This Month

The Chuck Stewart Story Conceptual Art

Penthouse Magazine - June, 1991Deadly Greed

No one on Harvest Road could remember the exact date, but it was late on a Friday night, well into the New England summer — August most likely, but cool enough that windows were open for the night. And there was a battle royal raging at the Chuck Stuart house. The Stuarts were not known for having loud fights, but this one was enough to wake the neighborhood.MORE from Penthouse

Sadly, the Chuck Stewart story has been going on for centuries and shows no signs of slowing going forward. Love can be a dangerous dance.

Mormon Roots | 40 Years Ago This Month

Mormon Reach Conceptual Art

Penthouse Magazine - June, 1981Cultural Genocide

They came to this land in 600 B.C., fleeing the Babylonian invasion of Jerusalem. Led by the great Lehi, who spoke with God, they crossed the great waters and landed somewhere on the West Coast of the Americas, the new Promised Land.MORE from Penthouse

All religions have roots in concurrent uplifting and occasionally horrific experience. The Mormon church followed Western settlers in general.