Sugar Ray

Sugar Ray Lead Singer, Mark McGrath

Penthouse Magazine - September 2001Right Hooks

Jones Cafe is a cozy, unobtrusive brown-brick Hollywood diner on Santa Monica Boulevard across the street from the old Warner Brothers Studios. A half block away is the legendary Formosa Cafe, where acting giants like Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall once downed shots between shoots. In the seven years since it opened, Jones hasn’t acquired quite as legendary a clientele, but its waitstaff has served a slew of celebs including Cher, Robert Downey Jr., Marilyn Manson, and Sheryl Crow. And the joint was one of the first Hollywood hangs for the members of Sugar Ray, who back in 1994 were as recognizable as Tom Green’s barber.MORE from Penthouse

Fluoride Folderol

Fluoride Folderal Conceptual Art

Penthouse Magazine - September 1991The Politics of Water

Imagine that America is being medicated en masse, with no opportunity to refuse the medication and almost totally unaware of its effects on the body. One reason for the public’s ignorance is due, partially, to the fact that results of the official studies on the subject have been repressed. Scientists who object to the administration of the substance, pointing to evidence of its toxicity, are belittled as misinformed quacks. Huge corporations join forces with like-minded government agencies to maintain the profitable and convenient status quo. The American people, by and large, are not only alarmed by this state of affairs, but they also believe that the government is actually looking out for the public health.MORE from Penthouse

Guatemala Torture

Guatamala Torture Conceptual Art

Latin America Holocaust

We are the great majority who want to live and work in peace. Let us unite with Guatemala and work for peace.… — Paid media announcement of the Guatemalan presidency.

Penthouse Magazine - September 1981The gay little jingle seemed to blare from tinny AM radios in every house I passed as I made my way earlier this year down the dusty main street of San Juan Comalapa, a remote village of 8,000 Indians in the western highlands of Guatemala.MORE from Penthouse

Mad Men

John Slattery on Mad Men

Penthouse Magazine - July/August 2011Mad Man

When Mad Men became the first basic-cable program to win the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series in 2008, it also made history for its stars. Actor John Slattery, for instance, received the first of his three Emmy nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series that year, an especially impressive achievement considering he wasn’t even in every season-one episode. His performance as Roger Sterling, an arrogant, insensitive skirt-chaser, has eclipsed his other TV work-which includes Desperate Housewives and Homefront, plus guest spots on everything from Will & Grace and Sex and the City to The Cleveland Show and 30 Rock, not to mention an uncredited appearance on Saturday Night Live when his Mad Men costar Jon Hamm was the host. And despite performances in, among others, Flags of Our Fathers, Traffic, Eraser, and Iron Man 2, Slattery has yet to find that memorable role that takes him from character actor to movie star.MORE from Penthouse