Paula Jones | 20 Years Ago This Month

Paula Jones by Earl Miller

Penthouse Magazine - December 2000The Perils of Paula Jones

For the first time, she is willing to talk about how she was manipulated by Bill Clinton’s conservative enemies in their unrelenting effort to ruin him-and was then abruptly left to fend for herself when she no longer served their purposes. “I was being used by a lot of people to get to him,” she told Penthouse in an exclusive interview. MORE from Penthouse

The story in the Ray Stevens classic song "Along Came Jones" could well fit the real person Paula Jones in some ways. Bill Clinton might not be thrilled, though.

What Women Want from Men* | 30 Years Ago This Month

What Women Want Conceptual Art

Penthouse Magazine - December 1990*But Never Really Tell Them

Even the inventor of modern psychiatry, Sigmund Freud, concluded that it was the one psychological puzzle that he could not solve. In his frequently quoted remark, he expressed a fascination and frustration that many men have felt: “What do women want?”MORE from Penthouse

Sometimes the oldest and most simple sounding questions have the most elusive answers. What Women Want may be THE most confounding. To men.

The God Biz | 40 Years Ago This Month

God Biz Conceptual Art

Penthouse Magazine - December 1980Praise the Lord, and Send Me the Money

Gospel fervor gleamed in 3,000 faces at the $30 million city arena at Charleston, W.Va. People around me, arms upraised, jerked in spasms as they loosed the unknown tongue: “Shend-a-la-goosh-a-ma. Dee-dee-dee-dee.” A young woman beside me leaped and squealed. Others wiped tears, swaying and rocking.MORE from Penthouse

Forty years ago we thought the God Biz scandalous. These days a savvy President could buy them all with income from a single email blast. Trump has over $200 million built up for his “Gee, what do I want to do now?” fund, all of it built up since the election a month ago.

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman - A Man for All Seasons

Penthouse Magazine - November 2010A Man for All Seasons

The 73-year-old has played the president of the United States; the head of the CIA; a street pimp; a crime boss named simply the Boss; a boxing trainer; the driver of Miss Daisy; a bald New York judge; the prison inmate you would most want on your side; a Civil War soldier; a sophisticated detective; Malcolm X, Frederick Douglass, and Nelson Mandela; and, oh yeah, God. He debuted on Broadway in Hello, Dolly! with Pearl Bailey and Cab Calloway, and spent several years on The Electric Company as, among other characters, Easy Reader, Mad Scientist, Count Dracula, and Mel Mounds. He’s earned five Academy Award nominations and won Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Million Dollar Baby. His deep and reassuring speaking voice has enhanced TV specials on subjects from the Civil War, slavery, and blues music to film and Clint Eastwood; and provided the narration for a variety of projects, from such documentaries as the award-winning March of the Penguins and Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon and a TV production of A Raisin in the Sun to several of the movies in which he’s starred. He’s even discussed sex with Clint Eastwood while riding horseback in the Old West, and helped Batman develop the cool gadgets and gear that allow the masked vigilante to kick criminal ass. The Mississippi native truly is a man for all seasons.MORE from Penthouse

Mention the name Morgan Freeman to ten people, and each of them might have a different movie character appear in their minds. Oddly, each could easily be correct.