Tamar Geller | 10 Years Ago This Month

Tamar Geller - Heroes and Hounds Concept

Going to The Dogs

Penthouse Magazine - April, 2010When Tamar Geller opens the door to her home high in the Bel Air hills, all we notice at first are the tanned, super-toned legs peeking out from underneath her short skirt, and the five sweet dogs that surround them. The petite vegetarian (and former model) quickly invites us in as we enjoy a fuzzy welcome from Duke (a yellow lab-German shepherd mix Geller adopted from a shelter after he’d been rescued from an illegal dog-fighting facility).MORE from Penthouse

Penthouse has a lot of favorites that have nothing to do with posing naked. Tamar Geller has held a special place in our hearts for over a decade now.

Johnny Wadd | 20 Years Ago This Month

Johnny Wadd Artwork evolved from work by Parada

Born to be Wadd

Penthouse Magazine - April, 2000Herewith, the true story of “Johnny Wadd” from the people who Knew, loved, and prosecuted him.MORE from Penthouse

It happens much more often with women, but the sad Johnny Wadd story demonstrates that being known for a body part can be emotionally devastating and lead to horrific consequences in a fragile mind.

Oliver Stone| 30 Years Ago This Month

Oliver Stone Collage

A Stone’s Throw

Penthouse Magazine - April, 1990Actually, Oliver Stone has many projects. Evident enough in his biography, his quest for a purposeful manhood runs through his films-those he wrote, such as Midnight Express, Scarface, and Year of the Dragon, and the scripts he directed as well: Salvador, Platoon, Wall Street, Talk Radio, and last year’s Born on the Fourth of July. Stylistic exercises in the ripped, gleaming details of violence (physical in the war films, and corporate in Talk Radio and Wall Street), each film looks at a man whose image of his own heroism has corroded.MORE from Penthouse

Getting into the mind of the person with the creative vision can be a compelling way to spend some time. It will give you something to think about while you walk too.

Average Sex | 40 Years Ago This Month

Average Sex Conceptually, as it were

The Average American Way of Sex

Penthouse Magazine - April, 2000The First time. The average boy has intercourse with his first sex partner one to three times before trying it with someone else. The average girl. more emotionally committed to her partner before she sleeps with him, has sex with him 10 times before moving on.MORE from Penthouse

If you want a keen indication of how much Average Sex in America has changed — or not — over the last four decades, now you have an excellent chance.