Billy Joel

Billy Joel at Piano

The Piano Man

Billy JoelAt a small dinner party this past summer, Billy Joel and Paul McCartney met for the first time.

“I feel like a jerk saying this,” Joel told his boyhood hero, “but I just want you to know that if you guys hadn’t done what you did, I wouldn’t be what I am today. In fact, the Beatles probably saved my life.”

“That’s all right,” McCartney assured him. “I said the same thing to Phil Everly, and I felt like a jerk, too.”MORE from Penthouse

Imagine! An article about a musician that talks mostly about the music. How rewarding do we find Billy Joel?

The Beastie Boys

The Beastie Boys Red Carpet

Boys Just Wanna Have Fun!

Beastie BoysThe suspicion nags; There is a latent message in the Beastie Boys’ dense rap-rock. But how to discover it?

Well, hold the front of the Beastie Boys’ Licensed to Ill album jacket up to a mirror, and the refracted image reveals a hidden affront – the tail-section serial number of the crashed plane on the cover reads: EAT ME.

Is this the covert communication in question? Nah, just a smidgen of frathouse smut.MORE from Penthouse

Bantam bursts of vulnerability and vague embarrassment are in simmering conflict with the Beasties’ impudent public pose, an image they lack the experience and stamina to sustain.

Al Sharpton

The Reverand Al Sharpton Speaking

I Am Loud and Visible!

Al SharptonIn a city known for racial explosions, the mere mention of the Reverend Alfred Sharpton to New Yorkers is akin to lighting the fuse to a thousand sticks of dynamite. Nobody is neutral about Al Sharpton; dispassion and reason do not apply when his name pops up in conversation. To his champions he is the savior of the disenfranchised blacks who are unable to get justice from a white power establishment. His detractors call him the worst kind of opportunist, a tanner of the fires of racial distrust with his own personal agenda.MORE from Penthouse

No one has a mild opinion about Al Sharpton and for good reason. The things he stands for can be very unpopular and even more so thirty years later.

Norma Jean

Hello Norma Jean

Norma Jean The Real Marilyn Monroe

Norma Jean ArtI spotted her instantly from my vantage point atop the Lido Club’s high diving board. She stood among a line of beautiful young women just outside the fence around the club’s swimming pool.

She was impossible to miss, even in that group of typically stunning young women, the kind of beauties that flocked by the battalion to Hollywood in that golden summer of 1943. As lifeguard at the pool — part of Hollywood’s then-most famous hotel, the Ambassador — one of the job’s fringe benefits was girl watching.MORE from Penthouse

The starlet that defined sexy for generations had to start somehwhere. Norma Jean arose from an unusual and unique a place in the golden age of Hollywood.