Lovin’ Us Some Alexis Love

Article by Team Penthouse

Twelve years after becoming our May 2008 Penthouse Pet of the Month, this firecracker burns hotter than ever!

Where Are They Now? … Alexis Love

Alexis says she “spent a few rewarding years feature dancing,” and then became an aesthetician. (Somehow that makes perfect sense, right?)

But according to Ms. Alexis Love, she still loves reconnecting with old fans and making new ones at her OnlyFans account. We do not find that particularly surprising, of course. You see, what started out as a way to keep paying rent during all the lockdowns has turned into a, “I’m sorry. You want me to come sit around a dirty set with a bunch of potentially infected people all day for how much money?” sort of a new reality.

Alexis Love Glamour Shot

Contrary to some beliefs out there, the women who get into this business do not always make the decision because they are stupid. As with any industry, you will find some folks with highly evolved levels of theoretical and philosophical rumination capacity. You will also find others who have those abilities … not so much, really. Still, voluntarily dealing with all the family, or public, or housing, or any number of “other” fields of harassment potential takes a special kind of person. Not to destroy the fantasy here, but they do not choose this profession only because they want to get laid. Any of these women could pretty much get that at any bar, any time, anywhere.

So at least hold your opinions in check when you meet them, or get a chance to talk to them online. In fact you can test our theory simply by looking up Alexis. Who knows? Maybe, you’ll, y’know, learn some additional interesting things @teamalexislove.

Oh! Regarding the single beautiful, albeit lonely, photograph here, we can explain. Alexis sent us a whole bunch of new pictures, honestly. She still seems to have an aversion to clothing, though, which does not fit within the Penthouse standards for publication out in the world where sensitive eyes might see. We did put the set up for the members of PenthouseGold (yesterday, in fact), but in order to see them, they’re going to want to charge you. (They love Alexis Love differently than we do, you see.)

Surely it would be worth every penny just to see Alexis Love alone, but we hate to appear sneaky. Alexis would not Love that.

Photograph (and the others inside) by Ryan Calerdon

There has been some thought amongst a few of the “new blood” people that we should start running a Feature for the web with some regularity that does just what this article does, catches up with some old friends. Lots of people agree on good ideas, sure, but we shall see how many volunteer to add these to their workload. That’s always fun.