Man of the Moment: Paris Hilton’s World War II Veteran Pal

February 15, 2019
February 15, 2019 Team Penthouse

This week, plastic surgery-riddled housewives, streetwear fanatics, and Instagram influencers descended on New York for Fashion Week, but only one man stood out: 100-year-old World War II veteran Sidney Walton. According to Page Six, the smut paper of record, Walton rolled into the Philipp Plein show in a yellow bowtie and veteran’s hat.

One of America’s last World War II veterans, Walton has embarked on a year-long road trip to experience every US state. Stripe magazine reported he calls this endeavor the No Regrets Tour. Last year, the tour led him to see his favorite DJ, Paris Hilton, perform. Millennials may be scared to call strangers, but this member of the Greatest Generation walked right up to Hilton. When she learned he drove thousands of miles for the concert, she invited him into her VIP space. The odd couple danced all night long, raving with glowsticks like teens in Miami Beach. “Happy #MemorialDay!” Hilton tweeted.

They’ve stayed in touch, and Hilton invited Walton to Fashion Week. As he mingled with fashion luminaries, Walton played with balloons and smiled. While the rest of America screams in outrage, Walton smiled with joy. He looked like Winnie-the-Pooh, GI Joe, and a club kid rolled into one. 

Fyre Festival fraudster Billie McFarland once said, “Live live a movie star, party like a rock star, and fuck like a porn star.” We’d say age like Sidney Walton!

Image via Paris Hilton’s Twitter feed.

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