ManyVids Moments Begin

Article by Team Penthouse

As the political world full of tunnel vision and a complete lack of even attempted empathy rages, rabid conflict has become the norm. As the pandemic ducks and dodges attempts to deal with it, we find no surprise in the fact that online encounters have radically changed over the past two years as well.

An Alternative with ManyVids

We’ve been highlighting some individuals taking charge of their own lives (and incomes) for a little over a year now with the monthly Camster features, and some folks here decided we should spread the love out a bit and look for some performers covering some different bases in the wide open “camming” industry. We hit upon ManyVids as the beginning of the new journey here, simply at the suggestion of one of our social media team members, although in fairness we did not ask too many questions about where the detailed knowledge of the organization came from. (Some questions you really do not want to know the answers to, y’know? There are times when you simply cannot unsee a mental image if your journalistic inquiry leads you down a certain path, so we have learned to avoid those when possible.)

ManyVids does have a dandy FAQ page, should you want more details, actually. In fact, the answer to the first sort of “ManyVids Philosophy” question really locked in our choice as perfect debut material.

At ManyVids we welcome everyone, from all walks of life. No matter the sexual orientation, or the color of their skin, we are all on ManyVids to celebrate sexuality and sexual expression. We want to allow our MV Stars and MV Members to enjoy their sexual fantasies within a safe and positive environment. We recognize that sexual desire is the most fundamental part of our nature. Sex is beautiful in itself, and we want to promote exploring and embracing all of the many sexual tastes, kinks, and expressions of sexuality. It is important for us that you can be yourself on MV. So, it is our utmost priority to make sure we have a respectful space for everyone. And that’s what makes us different. ManyVids General FAQ Page

Now we’re not suggesting that every single one of you ought to sign up for a ManyVids account and become a performer (although that may not be a terrible idea for some of you). We will say quite confidently, though, that wandering along with us might be kind of fun. On that fine note, let us begin our personal ManyVids journey. The following came into our offices via “submission requests” sent out. (True, some people around here have more interesting jobs than others.) …

ManyVids Brooke WoodsBrooke Woods

Hi, I’m Brooke Woods! I’m a busty 29-year-old from Canada. Despite my innocent face, I have an extremely naughty side that only a certain part of the internet knows about. I’m a model and NSFW adult content creator, and I have been making and producing my own videos for three years! I love making adult content for others to enjoy.

The best part about being a NSFW content creator is that I get to connect with so many people around the world! I also love that I get to dress up in sexy outfits and show off. When I’m not making naughty videos, I’m usually reading, hiking or watching self-help videos on YouTube. I hope to be a psychologist someday, but for now I’m enjoying creating XXX content and being on ManyVids.

ManyVids Rosie ReedRosie Reed

Rosie Reed is an alluring, leggy 5’9” independent fetish POV producer, with a penchant for teasing and seduction. Her body is a fetish fan’s dream with her deep brown eyes, supple booty and perky tits. Along with a sensual voice that drives fans crazy, these lend to her mass appeal in the online adult amateur clip market. Rosie stuns viewers with her commitment to making their wildest fantasies reality, all from the comfort of their homes. With Rosie, you can unleash your deepest desires.

ManyVids Reya SunshineReya Sunshine

I love being an adult content creator! It’s fulfilling to have control over the work I create and the success of my brand. Utilizing both social media and adult platforms, I’ve grown a large fan base and successful business. I’m also super honored to have recently won the XBIZ Awards Clip Artist of the Year and ManyVids Vid of the Year!

Having had a strict Christian upbringing, I was heavily shamed for any sexual behavior and masturbation. I had internalized that there was something wrong with me for wanting to experience pleasure. Now I see how ridiculous that was, and I embrace my work as a way to reclaim my sexuality and wholeness as a human. Encouraging others to shed their shame around sex has become a passion of mine and gives my work greater meaning.

So you may have noticed that Reya sent in a video too, which obviously we decided to post because we just happen to be really helpful sorts and all. Besides, everyone can do with a little ray of sunshine when they can get it, we figure. We did have to beep her once, but she was really, really excited, so we forgave her right away. They’re just words, after all. … Of course one could claim they’re just boobs too, so we’d best avoid that road altogether.

You may have also noticed that Brooke talks about some “NSFW” (Not Safe for Work) content too. Honestly, nothing we could look up in this office would really qualify as NSFW, but in most offices one might want to be careful of that category. Probably best to wait for home to go exploring there. Suffice it to say that our standards for do not exactly match the ones deployed at ManyVids. (Hey, we cannot even link there from here.)

Of course your office may be different too. Full disclosure, I was working late one night when the big boss happened to walk down the hall on her way to the back parking lot. She poked her head into the traditionally dark Digital Team office and saw me watching something on the screen while waiting for a video to render. It was an episode of a past tv series season I had pulled up on Netflix, so of course I immediately apologized.

“I’m sorry,” I explained. “You caught me not watching porn.”

Choose the location for your own ManyVids detective work accordingly.