Masking Affection with Penthouse

Article by Team Penthouse

Over 25 Pets Come Together to Encourage Fans to Stay Safe

You can read lots of boring press release sorts of things all over where various people — famous and not — have donated their time to promote what should be an act of simple kindness. Then again, you will not find much in the way of “simple” in the year 2020. Consequently, we decided to wander the path via the unique vision of our social media team.

Masking Affection — The Penthouse Way

We would like to whole-heartedly thank, and offer sincere endorsement to ALL the Penthouse Pets who participated in this Public Service Announcement. (Pets love Public Service, in case you couldn’t tell.)

We had body parts other than the hearts wishing these fine young women well too, but that seemed information best left for a much less dignified discussion.

Penthouse Team Mask PSA

If you’d like the more traditional scientific way of masking affection, you can peruse the more official Penthouse Magazine method.