My Woke Boyfriend and I Almost Broke Up Over Jordan Peterson

Article by Leah McSweeney

Over the next 24 hours, we were silent. This was the longest we had gone without speaking. Was it really done? I thought. Sitting and stewing, I convinced myself that I did not need to apologize. He had been so visceral! He was the one who started this discussion in the first place, not me. I was perfectly happy never knowing an interview between Weiss and Peterson even existed. He was the one who couldn’t handle different points of views. He was the one who had a problem with the fact that we didn’t share the same ideology, not me. And moreover, he was the one who dumped me over nonsense. Despite trying to convince myself that this wasn’t my fault, my stomach knotted. My head was spinning. I was a mess, so I went to the gym.

Walking back to my apartment, I rounded the corner to find my boyfriend standing outside my place. I got closer and saw he was holding a bouquet. He had puppy dog eyes that looked glassy with tears. We hugged one another. We sat in the diner for hours and talked. I picked at my overpriced salad as we both humbly apologized. He told me nothing was worth losing me over, especially not this political nonsense. I agreed. We vowed never to let our politics come between us again.

That was a couple of months ago, and we haven’t had one argument since. Our relationship has never been better. We still talk about politics, but we don’t take it that seriously when we disagree. I am still complaining about the far left. But I also am much less defensive when he brings up an opposing view. After all, isn’t my critique of the far left the inability to see other people’s beliefs? We don’t walk on eggshells around each other, and no conversation is off limits. In a divisive world, I feel responsible to not be a part of one-sided discourse. I want my personal life to reflect what I want from society. Not the other way around. But for now and the foreseeable future, I am so fucking in love with my Marxist Commie boyfriend.