Penthouse Christmas 2020

Article by Team Penthouse

Greetings from the entire Penthouse Team — even the ones still working remotely.

Happy Holidays!

Penthouse today literally features Team members working from across the globe, demonstrating daily devotion to the free thinking principles of liberty that founded the company over 60 years ago. Or we really like looking at powerful women expressing such personal freedom in a unique and scantily-clad fashion. That could be part of it too. Whatever the case, have a Penthouse Christmas 2020 on us. Giving people things to think about makes us happy. You should be happy too.

Eventually everything passes, but some things sure seem to take a long time getting through. Right? … Now every time things get sad, all you need do will be come back here and put a little Jessie Saint in your spirit. It’s hard to be sad while you’re smiling.

Penthouse Christmas 2020! … The gift you want to keep on giving — because going outside still sucks, even if you can where you live.

Should you wish a more elaborate personal celebration, we have some friends who could help you out. Or should you have a pressing intersest in the entire (and erudite) History of Christmas, feel free to look there. “Yule” be thrilled. (Even for something as special as Penthouse Christmas 2020, sometimes we just can’t help ourselves. We consider it a gift — others, not so much apparently.)