Penthouse Crush

Article by Team Penthouse

One of the more popular magazine features, this section even riles up the office every issue. After all, everyone understands the crush.

Our Penthouse Crush on Lily Andrews

This issue, we’re all crushing on gorgeous Lily Andrews. The 31-year-old model, content creator and full-time nursing student from L.A. tells Penthouse when she’s not studying, she loves being taken out on dates.

“Whether it’s a pool hall and beer date or a high-end restaurant vibe, I love dates that allow me to connect with the person I’m with,” she says.

Lily enjoys being active and spending time outside, and says she plans on getting her motorcycle license soon so she can go on weekend road trips.

“I’m still a passenger at the moment,” she admits, “but I do love riding on the back!” Gentleman, start your engines!

Somehow we think Lily does not have a difficult time finding partners for either dating or riding. Call it a hunch. Photography of Lily by Cameron Davis You can call that one a certainty.

A Different Crush Consideration

As we’ve all been fairly consumed with the ongoing Pet of the Year contest and determination, the Penthouse Crush concept started an interesting conversation. As you might imagine discussions of which Pet from the past year should wear the crown can spark some heated debate. (For the record, they do not really get a crown, but they get a fancy key with diamonds and gold, so it’s not like a gift certificate to Dave & Buster’s or anything. The prizes are real, as remains the prestige.)

In the midst of one of these recent “sharing of opinions” this whole Penthouse Crush idea came to mind. It almost seems like while whichever “winner” someone happens to be promoting, their invariable choice for “Runner Up” always has a crush aspect to the defense of the position. Now understand that with 12 different contestants, we will invariably have at least 13 different ideas regarding the top spot. … No kidding. Bob Guiccone would occasionally pick someone from a couple years back to be Pet of the Year, which honestly must have pissed off the actual 12 Pets from that year, it seems for certain. Consequently we always have at least one person who keeps going back year after year to someone who lost before but really, really should not have. (Not this writer, of course, but some other people for sure.)

At any rate, we can tell you for certain that the Pet of the Year winner will actually be much more proud of the achievement in about ten years, and the Runner Up will always be a slightly sad — but exceptionally nice — person. And on that fine history note, we offer some more fun pictures that we just don’t get enough chances to celebrate anymore.

The vote closes at midnight on June 10th (2021, if it happens to be much later when you’re reading this), so do pop over and vote. Remember if you have not voted within the last week, you can VOTE AGAIN. Throw a little love at your own Penthouse Crush. And also remember to give our regards to Lily Andrews too. We have excellent taste, you know.