Penthouse Halloween 2020

Article by Team Penthouse

If you have to stay home, you might as well have some fun.

No doubt Halloween 2020 will different from the Halloweens we have become used to over the years. As with everything in the COVID-19 world, you might as well adapt. Obviously we should all VOTE next Tuesday, if for no other reason than to try and cut down the inescapable noise permeating our existence these days, but for the most part the Rage Against the Machine mentality will accomplish nothing much more than it ever has. You can beat your head against a wall all you want, but odds are good you will just end up with a bad headache.

Consequently, when the Penthouse Social Media Team offered up some of their creations for the Penthouse Halloween 2020 and said we could use the media, we readily agreed happily. The problem came with the instruction to “choose between” Pets Naomi Swan and Sabina Rouge. We will fill you in on a little secret here: When you give the Digital Team a choice between two Pets, we will always choose both.

So what you have here may seem a trifle confusing, it being basically two Penthouse Halloween 2020 promotions played back to back. Honestly, though, why should that be a problem? In fact, we were even able to wade through literally hundreds of photographs of Naomi and Sabina in order to offer up some entertaining still image celebration for the season. (That process might be more difficult than you think, and Penthouse Pets do not as a rule really, really love wearing clothes. So that’s a thing.) Granted, we have more treats than tricks here, but we were fairly confident that no one here would mind.

So what did we learn at this end, remembering we are a privileged yet jaded bunch around here? Well, basically that Naomi Swann has odd taste in party dates, and should you invite Sabina Rouge over to your place for a party, you might want to carve that roast beast yourself. She looks just a tad scary wielding that chef’s knife. That said, absolutely invite as many Pets as you can.

Let’s be honest: Not all things are better in moderation. Happy Halloween 2020, everybody. Eat some candy (or at least something else really good).

Considering you might want to know a bit more about Naomi Swann and Sabina Rouge, we decided to make that easy. Trick or Treat!

Take Halloween 2020 with PenthouseGold, and you may not miss getting up and down to answer the doorbell every five minutes. ... Wait! Will we miss that?

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