Penthouse Reality Evolution

Article by Team Penthouse

Dateline: 1 April 2021

A Shift in Defining Beauty

For too long the Penthouse Reality has relied upon the Brand standards that began over half a century ago. (Technically they began three score and seven years ago, but it seems like someone has already taken an opening very close to that for something much more important, so we decided to avoid it. Good for us.)

Regardless, the Executives Have Spoken.

No longer will Penthouse feature the purely glamorous, occasionally esoteric or exotic, essentially unapproachable — not to mention unabashedly explicit — women (and even sometimes men) in its photographic layouts. As technology has evolved into a fundamentally digital world, the Penthouse Reality will finally shift along with it. No more do we have to throw black cloths over the photographer’s head and wait for a big POOF! from carefully apportioned magnesium flash powder to capture our images. With modern tools, we can instantly capture the real personalities of our models and Pets. Enough with the beautiful people languishing erotically. No more. The people want truth, not airbrushed fantasy (using neither air, nor a physical brush these days, ironically).

Enter the New Penthouse Reality Standards

We have always taken our lifestyle of leisure approach very seriously around here, so do not fear that this will stop. Instead we will endeavor to enhance your reality simply with some of ours. Those Perfect Pet layouts are boring anyway, right?

OH! We should offer a couple of final observations here. First of all, should you really wish to learn more about the early flash photography, you have many ways to do that, but we can give you a place to start. Secondly, before you start panicking and thinking all the great nudity will soon disappear in this New Penthouse Reality, you really should take special note of today’s date.

Riley Anne for PenthouseGold