Addie Andrews

Penthouse Magazine, May/June 2019Penthouse Pet of the Month June 2019

Height: 5’8
Measurements: 32D-25-36
Hometown: Pacific North West

Our June Penthouse Pet of the Month, Addie Andrews, has lived a full life. Growing up in the Pacific North West, Addie left the rich greenery and rainy days behind when she was just 17 and split for Utah. She joined the Mormon church and worked as a missionary for almost a decade until she decided to pivot and get her real estate license. Even though she always dreamed of acting, Addie sold domestic bliss until a light bulb went off in her head and told her to drop the pant suit to pursue her lifelong dream of the limelight. Now, here we are. It’s a wiggly world, right, Addie?

What do you consider kinky?
My hair after it’s been in a ponytail.

Ha! Are you vanilla?
I’m very sensual. I like to be romanced. I’m not a timid prude or anything, but I do like a more romantic sexuality. I’m not ashamed of it.

We heard you used to be a realtor?
Yes, I was a realtor in Utah. I got my license with Century 21, then moved over to Richmond American homes. After two years, I was becoming very successful, then I hit a pivotal moment and realized I needed to pursue my passions. Real estate would always be there waiting for me. I did love it though.

Did your love of acting help you sell people their white-picket-fence dreams?
There are so many parallels to performing, for sure. I loved the sales aspect of real estate. I was an authentic sales person. You can’t put on a face and expect people to believe it unless you are genuine. You have to put everything in its best light, but you can’t be untruthful.

Did you make any huge sales?
I remember my first big accomplishment. I sold this family their house. It wasn’t so much about the money, but knowing that I had just got them into the home they would raise their family in. I was still so new, so I had to pass the sale off to be completed, but I got them to that point, and it was so exciting.

Were you born a performer?
I had brutal ADD, and I could never decide on one thing. I wanted to be everything all the time. I remember being in my first play when I was really little, probably 9-years-old, and in the play, I had a moment on stage alone. I made the audience laugh and I got the biggest thrill. I was hooked.

Why did you join the Mormon church when you were 17?
I was in a rough spot and they were so kind. The church took me in. I adopted a family and a religion along with it. I needed the stability. It was a great decision at that age.

You joined the adult industry later in life, how has having all these experiences under your belt equipped you differently?
You are so wishy-washy when you are young, and you absorb everyone else’s opinions instead of formulating your own. There are always going to be people, especially on social media, who want to tear you down, and that has a bigger impact the younger you are. It’s hard to deal with, but I know who I am. No one has the ability to bring me down unless I give them that power.

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