Anna Lisa Wagner

Penthouse Magazine Cover Jan/Feb, 2019Penthouse Pet Of The Month February 2019

Height: 6′
Measurements: 32DD-24-34
Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona

How did you get into modeling? 
I started when I was a teenager. I was scouted at a concert.

What was the concert? 
It was the first American Idol tour, with Kelly Clarkson, which is hilarious. I have been really tall for my age my whole life, so when I was 14 years old, I was about 5’8″. The agent came up to me, gave me their card, and told me they thought I would do really well as a model. When I got home, I told my mother about it and she was encouraging. She had modeled herself. So I did it. A year later, I signed with Ford Models.

Who did you get your long stems from? 
My father is German, and my mother is Yugoslavian. I was actually born in Buchholz, Germany, but we moved to Arizona when I was little, so I feel 100 percent American.

What was your first modeling gig? 
It was just after I had been signed. I had to go to L.A. to shoot my portfolio with this great female photographer. I was all baby-faced. It was my first legitimate shoot. I was the coolest kid in school for a week.

What would you have done if you hadn’t been scouted? 
I am very creative, and I need that kind of outlet. I started watercolor and oil painting when I was six years old. I probably would have stuck with that, had I not gotten into boys when I turned 13.

Do you still paint? 
Sometimes, but not that often. I do a lot of photography, though. Most of my energy is spent on modeling, but I shoot a lot of my own work and set up my own trips. I do a newsletter, and I collaborate with the photographers who shoot me, and I usually send out some cool uncensored stuff, as well as other things, like special polaroids for sale or links to the work of the photographer who shot me. It’s inclusive and interactive. I’ll do playlists as well, which is fun.

Do you remember your first nude shoot? 
It was topless, not totally nude. I was working with a photographer friend who had shot this book I did. We were doing a fun editorial and I was wearing a fur cape. He asked if I would be comfortable throwing the cape out of the way and he would take a shot like that. I had nothing underneath. I’ve always been very comfortable with my body and open. When I saw how the shoot turned out and the difference it made in the spread, the creativity, I loved it. I have always been drawn to fine art, black and white nudes, so I hopped right in. I find it liberating and empowering. It’s so much fun to see myself in a way I should be seen, as a strong, independent woman.

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  1. Hi Anna Lisa-
    You look lovely. A sight for sore eyes. Thank you for your daring pictorial. Enjoy the week and weekend ahead! And shop like nobody’s business at the nearest mall.
    Season’s greetings!

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