Ayumi Anime

Penthouse Cover October 2017Penthouse Pet of the Month October 2017

Height: 5’7″
Measurements: 24-36-34B
Kheron, Ukraine

Fun Fact: 
“I want to party with Rihanna.”

You speak four languages: Russian, Ukrainian, French, and English. What language do you think in? 
Now, I think in English. It’s about time. A few years ago, I was thinking in Russian and translating, which was very hard. I always dream in Russian, though.

How does a Korean girl from the former Soviet Union end up in the U.S.? 
Since I was a very young child, I have always dreamed of coming to America. When I was a little girl, I saw a video of Britney Spears and fell in love. She became my role model. She motivated me. When I saw “Baby One More Time,” I just thought to myself, I want to be there, in America in that video, and I want to be just like her. [Laughs] Now, here I am. It took a long time—I only arrived here two years ago. 

Has it lived up to your expectations? 
Of course!

Tell us how you went from a squeaky-clean Britney fan to working in the adult industry? 
I started in the mainstream [modeling industry]. I’ve only been in the adult industry for a few months. I’m a newbie, but I think I was born to do this. It’s my nature. I got so bored of mainstream modeling. Time is everything for me, but in the mainstream modeling world they do not value your time. You waste your days with casting after casting. I decided to change course and got myself an adult agent. I always imagined myself on the cover of a magazine like Penthouse. I just wanted to be a beautiful sex symbol.

Were you nervous for your first scene?
Fucking on-camera is worlds away from modeling. My credo is, Be the best or nothing. I am a professional and I treated my first day on set with that same attitude.

Gotta ask. Why the “V” sculpted into your pubic hair? 
The “V”? [Laughs] I thought that everyone did this! I had no idea I was the only one. Maybe it’ll stand for “verified”.

How did you come up with your stage name? 
When I was growing up, all my friends would call me Anime. It was just my nickname. The kids in grade school called me Anime, and then when I went on to university, that new group of friends gave me the same nickname, completely independent of one another. I guess I look like a Japanese anime character.

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