Cherie Noel

Penthouse Magazine, August 2021Penthouse Pet of the Month August 2021

Height: 5’6″
Measurements: 32DD-27-32
Hometown: Beacon, NY
Fun Fact: Actually Knows her Moon Sign

How did you get involved in the adult industry?
Growing up as the only girl in the family and the youngest, I started my sexual side at an early age. Being raised in the 90s I was a big fan of Anna Nicole Smith, and used to sneak watching Howard Stern as a young girl late at night. I was always mature for my age and as I got older I really admired the art of nudity.

What was your first job? 
I worked at a baseball stadium in my hometown, but I got fired for dating one of the players. Well, my boss did give me a choice. I could have ended the relationship and kept my job — but of course, I picked the guy.

Have you done any modeling, dancing or acting?
I started modeling and acting at the age of 18. My first acting job was a small role in a movie called Stripped, where I played in a sex scene that got interrupted as I found out I was being recored. It was so silly and probable, but that would be one of the rare places you could see me before my boob job.

What do you consider to be the hottest movie sex scene?
Angelina Jolie in the movie Gia.

What qualities do you like most about yourself? 
Definitely my outgoing personality. I’m really sociable and enjoy making people laugh and smile. I think I’m easy to approach because random people always start talking to me.

What is the biggest turn-on for you?
My biggest turn on will always be someone who is a good kisser. Sometimes you just get an amazing connection with someone, and that feeling shows in the kiss.

When you’re going to be photographed in the nude, how do you get in the right mood? 
I’ve always been really open and OK with nudity all my life. I love the work of artists like photographer Helmut Newton. Sometimes I’m more relaxed when I’m nude than when I’m clothed. I feel like my natural self, and not like I’m posing, like I do with fashion shoots.

What is one of your pet peeves? 
Probably when a man doesn’t wear underwear. Once I was working out with a guy who was wearing basketball shorts, and I saw way too much.

What is the sexiest quality a person can possess?
The sexiest quality someone can posses would have to be confidence. I find it sexy when you can see someone walk into a room confident.

If you could have sex with anyone past or present, who would you pick?
If i could have sex with anyone it probably would be Elvis Presley. Ive always admired his musical talent and grew up with my grandma and mom being big fans of his.

What do you consider kinky? Having someone tie you up is pretty kinky. That’s my favorite fantasy — which I’ve still not fulfilled, by the way. There’s something exciting about being vulnerable during sex.

What is the most remarkable sexual experience you have ever had?
I once had a threesome with two brothers. I dated one for a very long time, and I guess his brother was into me too after all these years.

What gets you in trouble the most?
My heart…

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