Lacey London

March/April 2021 Penthouse Magazine CoverPenthouse Pet of the Month March 2021

Height: 5’7″
Measurements: 32B-30-30
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Fun Fact: Studied ballet for 12 years and holds a degree in ESL/TESOL

How did you get involved in the adult industry?
I worked for a porn agency in Las Vegas in 2017. At some point I realized that I could definitely do it just as well if not better than some of the girls at the time. When I told the agency I was working with I was interested in doing more, within two days I was booked solid! The rest was history.

Describe your ideal partner. 
A wealthy, laid-back charmer, who can be a leader and provide substance within the relationship. They’re great communicators and show affection. Basically, a hopeless romantic like me. Someone who wants to create healthy memories.

What would be the perfect date? 
Fly me to an island for a little weekend getaway — just the two of us.

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be and why?
Financial analyst. This year I’ve immersed myself in the stock and crypto currency market as well as learning to code a bit. I definitely see myself doing more of it in the future.

What is your favorite thing about being a porn star?
Arriving at a beautiful mansion in the Los Angeles hills and getting all dolled up to be recorded having intense sex with a hot guy I’ve met for the first time!

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I watch a lot of anime, I’m a dog mom, biking, cooking, snowboarding and day trading I would say consumes most of my spare time. Since Covid-19 I’ve started a t-shirt company called Go Go Bimbo. It’s a clothing line based on different bimbo characters such as the “Pampered Pothead Princess” which is a purple haired, bimbo with huge tits and a crop top with a pink weed emblem on it. Fashion has become a big part of my life.

List your favorite TV shows and movies.
and Book Of Eli are hands down my fav movies. My fav tv shows would be Samurai Champloo, Assassination Classroom, Angels Of Death, The Office and Community.

What do you think is the hottest movie sex scene?
Titanic no question! Remember the scene when Kate and Leo bang in the taxi after he paints her. The hand on the foggy glass window? Best part.

Favorite foods and drinks?
Apple juice, but really any type of juice. I’m obsessed with pastries, but banana nut muffins or macadamia nut and white chocolate are my fav. I’m from Louisiana so Crawfish are a need!

Which celebrity do you admire and why? 
Rihanna. The natural sex appeal, the weed, the tattoos, the raunchiness — everything about her I love!

What music gets you in the mood?
Soul and trip hop always gets me in the mood. Wanna get me really in the mood? Put on Rising Appalachia, “Swoon” — my pussy automatically gets wet.

What’s your favorite way to relax? 
I like to wait until an hour before sunset. Then I’ll open a bottle of Malbec wine, turn on some R&B, open my patio door and windows and cook dinner.

What is your favorite sensual fantasy? 
I wanna have sex with aliens. Hahaha! But I’ll take the next best thing, which would be to have sex in space. Zero-gravity blowjobs have to feel out of this world — no pun intended. Well, maybe a little.

What gets you in trouble the most?
My pussy gets me in trouble. She wants me to be slutty, knowing it’s no good for me … and sometimes I let her win.

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