Manda Kay

Penthouse Cover July-August 2017Penthouse Pet of the Month July 2017

Height: 5’4″
Measurements: 35-24-27
Austin, Texas

Fun Fact:
“When I was 14 years old I drove 4 hours to get a fake I.D. I used it at a couple times at bars and it even worked at the shitty liquor store, but when I got home my older sister looked at it and laughed her head off. She said it looked like a library card. I never used it again.”

I heard you once had sex in the head of a metal robot. 
My boyfriend and I were at a park late one evening. I was horny. There was this big metal piece of playground equipment shaped like a robot. You could actually climb into the head, so we did. Pretty soon my clothes were off, and I was sucking his cock. 

Did anyone hear you? 
Apparently so, we were making so much noise that someone called the cops. Mid-sex this light flashed on us and there was an officer telling us to come out. He was a nice country cop. He said, “I was young once,” and let us go with just a lecture.

Did the cop know you were having sex? 
It was pretty clear we were having sex. I didn’t have my clothes on. 

Lucky he let you off easy. 
Yeah, it could have been much worse! It was a children’s park. 

What makes you a good lover? 
Many things, but I give the best blowjobs. I want you to want me on my knees. I am all about the spit. The more the better. I can deep-throat like no one else. I go so deep I’m licking his balls with his cock still in my mouth. 

Go on… 
You’ve got to let that spit trail dangle from his dick to your lips. But what you do with your hands is crucial, too. The screwdriver, the twist. It’s an art form. 

Is that how you wore out your copy of the Kevin Bacon movie Hollow Man? 
[Laughs] I love that scene where Bacon’s character is invisible, and he creeps into the bedroom of his ex-wife. He takes off her panties and fondles and pleases her without her even knowing it. It’s so edgy. Plus, the woman who played his wife had really nice tits. I used to sit there and rewind that scene over and over. 

When I’m with women I like being the dominant one, but with a man, I want to be dominated. I love, love, love being submissive. For whatever reason, it really turns me on. It’s so hot. 

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