Naomi Swann

Penthouse Magazine CoverPenthouse Pet of the Month September 2019

Measurements: 5’3″
Fun Fact: 32a-23-33
Hometown: St. Petersburg, Florida

On what she does during her days off…“My favorite thing to do in my spare time is Rollerblade. I also enjoy reading nonfiction, yoga, and lying in the sun.”

On her favorite sexy movie moment…“Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in Ghost. I personally have a hand fetish, and the scene starts with some dirty, sensual pottery work leading into hot, intimate sex. The music playing in the background is ‘Unchained Melody’ by the Righteous Brothers, and I love a good older, sensual song.”

On her pet peeves…“When people are obviously being insincere, and when people stop walking, or stop and turn around, in the middle of a crowd.”

On her biggest turn-off…“Lack of eye contact. I need that intimacy or sex is not even worth it to me.”

On what drives her wild in bed…“Being choked, hard eye contact, and dirty talk right in my ear! But I’m always up for anything spontaneous and thrilling.”

On her favorite sex position…“Missionary with one leg over the shoulder. It’s perfect. Having the leg up allows for deeper penetration and being in missionary lets him keep eye contact and rub my clit.”

On her ideal partner…“Someone I can be super romantic and sexual with, but also someone who’s fun. I need them to be neat and care about their appearance. I want to be able to have long, serious conversations about things that are important. They should also be observant and be a sincere listener.”

On her favorite way to relax…“Reading in a hammock by the water or in the mountains.”

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  1. I believe the eye contact is Romance. I just recently got up for a dance. She and I had a chemistry. We couldn’t keep our eyes off one another.She made me cum in my Levis. It was mind chemical, because we were both just trying to figure it out. And did. I could stare forever in your eyes.

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