Sabina Rouge

Penthouse Cover June 2018Penthouse Pet of the Month May 2018

Height: 5’4″
Measurements: 34B-25-32
Hometown: Haddonfield, New Jersey

When we were on set you were blasting Pink Floyd all day. When did you first get into them? 
Long story short: My grandma is an awesome hippie. She hated television. She hated radio. She thought it would corrupt my brain, so she threw books and vinyl at me. She played me a Pink Floyd record when I was six. When I first heard the music, it freaked me out, but it was captivating. Then, when I finally got it, they became my favorite band. I always wondered what Pink Floyd meant when I was little. When it hit me, I was hooked. 

Your grandma sounds cool. 
She is cool. She is super into music, art, her garden. She had a beehive at one point. I remember that being wild. 

You’re a big music fan then, huh? 
I’m a huge music fan.

Do you play at all? 
Yes. I love making music. I’m working on a side project right now. It’s definitely a passion of mine.

Do you remember the first concert you ever went to? 
Yeah, this is hilarious. The first show I went to was this band my dad loved called Sister Hazel. I was dancing like crazy. I was only five. My dad loves music, just like my grandma, and my mom loves to sing. She was always singing. We would sing together, harmonize. It was fun. 

What would you do if we gave you $500K and told you that you had a week to spend it? 
$500K? That means I have five things to invest $100K in. I would put $200K into organic farms….

You can buy a house, go on a cruise. 
I can spend the money on myself?

It’s really telling that you didn’t assume that. 
[Laughs] Okay, I would take the rest of the money and take a group of my favorite cam girls and go on a big trip. We could make videos, do photo shoots, just do sexy stuff in cool places. Our fans could watch us on our wacky, sexy journey.

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