Uma Jolie

Penthouse Cover January/February 2017Penthouse Pet of the Month February 2017

Height: 5’3″
Measurements: 32-25-34
Woodland Hills, California

Fun Fact: 
“The greatest sex I ever had literally made me cry. It felt so good that I couldn’t stop the tears from running down my face.”

Why are people intimidated by you? 
People tell me I have a serious face.

You have resting bitch face? 
Yeah! They tell me I have bitch face so people are scared to approach me, which is crazy.

Are you a Valentine’s Day girl, or could you care less? 
I try to think of it as a bullshit holiday, but in reality, if someone gives me flowers I’m going to cry. When someone takes the time to show they care about me, it means a lot.

What’s your ideal way to spend Valentine’s Day? 
No huge, elaborate fairytale. What really makes me happy is my couch, my puppies, and scary movies. That would be the shit.

Not even a special holiday bath? 
I love baths. I don’t shower, I only bathe.

I like to lay down and take time washing myself. Not like in a shower, standing there forever with my ankles hurting.

Really? You hike and are all outdoorsy, but showering hurts your ankles? 
Yeah. Showering just isn’t relaxing to me.

Tell me about your infatuation with ginger women. 
Man. I have this weird obsession with pink areolas. I’m like addicted to peach-colored nipples. Peach nipples and peach pussy lips are my shit.

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