Penthouse September 2018Penthouse Pet of the Month September 2018

Hometown: Andalusia, Alabama

What’s the most exciting place you ever made love?
I had sex in a tree stand one time while going hunting.

Isn’t that kind of dangerous?
Yeah, it probably was. I really didn’t think about it at the time.

Do you find yourself making the first move?
I almost always make the first move. There’s only been a couple of times where I didn’t.

What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?
Probably moving to Los Angeles to do porn. I had no idea what I was getting into and I wasn’t 100 percent sure if that’s what I wanted to do. It has turned out for the best, but I went in blind and excited.

What was the most remarkable sex you ever had?
It was with my ex-boyfriend, who I dated for a few years. We had sex 11 times in one night. And it was both regular and anal. We just went back and forth, and we went for hours and hours at a time.

Stamina! What is your biggest turn-on?
Probably intelligence. That’s a weird answer, so maybe I should rephrase that and say I like someone who is humble and intelligent. If you’re cocky and intelligent, that’s annoying. But if you’re a low-key kind of smart, that’s probably my biggest turn-on.

What’s your biggest sexual fantasy?
Hmmm… A gangbang.

Any particular details required in that ganging?
Probably five or more guys. Like, five to seven.


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