Penthouse Post-Corona Flourish

Article by Team Penthouse

We wrap up our special web trilogy on Post-Corona ruminations with a suggestion to keep looking for the art all around you and a suggestion to polish those moves. We’ll all be back together soon, so now would be the time to start working off that Quarantine Lethargy.

Stimulation of the Senses

Olga Zavershinskaya, a Russian visual artist currently based in the Czech Republic, creates striking, surreal, erotic images that are a combination of photography and digital manipulation. Olga combines shapes, lines and light, reimagining the female nude — but always with a memorable twist, perfect for a Post-Corona exploration.

What’s your earliest photography memory?

When I found my father’s Zenit camera and took a few selfies. I was about eight or nine years old. And I had no intentions of becoming a photographer then. I just found it fun. It wasn’t until 2007 that I started to take photography more seriously.

What is it about photography that you love?

Compared to other types of art, photography gives you immediate results. Processing the images is much faster than painting or making a sculpture, for example.

What draws you to create photos with an erotic twist?

Erotica is an important part of life — most of us exist because someone had sex! To reject or ignore that part of life is puppetry.

How has your photography evolved over time?

I am always learning and trying new styles. In general, I can say that my early works were more cheerful and naïve, whereas my later work is more thought-provoking, provocative and with more photo manipulation involved.

What makes a good shot for you?

Mood. How I feel is everything. Do I like my idea, how excited I am during the shoot, how easily I can communicate with my model and what I feel when I select and edit images.

What’s your approach to photography?

For me, the initial idea always comes before I find the model, and only after I get a really clear, perfect image in my head of what I want to achieve. From there, I start searching for how and with whom I can bring the idea to life.

Are your shoots ever collaborative with models?

I always go with my idea first. I put together sketches before we start working together. However, I’m often inspired by my models during shooting, and we usually end up trying things that weren’t planned.

What’s involved in the post-production of your images? Do you do that yourself or outsource?

I always edit all my images by myself, and I’m quite competent at image manipulation.

It will still take some time. It will undoubtedly be different. Yet there will be a Post-Corona. Remember that.