Robert Sammelin

Article by Amie Wee

While I’ve had the expected online content either flagged or removed, I’ve been positively surprised at the vast majority of wonderful praise, support and encouragement from people and women in particular.

What are some of your career highlights?

I’ve ticked off a few bucket list items lately; I was approached to do a gatefold double LP for Ennio Morricone, called Morricone Groove, that focuses on his lesser known soundtrack work from the ’60s and ’70s, which features a lot of my all-time favorite tracks of his. 

Getting to work with Rob Zombie on a lot of LP soundtracks for his films was another. I was a big fan in my teens, so getting contacted by him saying he’s a fan of mine was delightful. 

The same thing happened again when Anthony Gonzalez of M83 got in touch to have me design a poster and line of merch for a film he’d made to his latest album.

Some of my alternative movie poster screenprints have gotten some wonderful and unexpected praise. James Mangold bought a copy of the Logan poster, and the IMAX office has it hanging in their lobby.  I’m also told a copy of my Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood screenprint hangs in the cinema owned by Quentin Tarantino, which if true feels unreal.

Battlefield by Robert Sammelin

My craziest realization, though, is that some 50 million people own art I’ve made in the form of the Battlefield games. I didn’t really dawn on me until I stood beneath a giant billboard in Times Square of my key art for Battlefield 3 and saw ads for it everywhere I went. Designing that signature Battlefield branding art is a definitive career highlight.

Tell us something about you that we might not expect. 

I’m a fairly uninteresting character as a whole; I can’t whistle, I never use sketchbooks and have an unusually high physical pain threshold. 

What are you working on right now? 

Besides making the future of video games at Embark Studios, I’m currently doing a whole bunch of record covers and posters, a comic called YT Savior with Ales Kot for Upshot Studios that is out soon and yet another comic called Kali with Daniel Freedman.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Movie Poster

You will discover it fairly easy to find Robert Sammelin online, although you may actually find yourself in ac couple of lesser-know, but substantially more representative of fine art, locations on the web.

Of course you can also just buy a copy of a Battlefield game. We have found a nice frosty beverage helps with those, should you be looking for a hint.