Seven Romance Products to Get You in the Mood

Article by William Lee

Position of the Day BookPosition of the Day Playbook

Everyone could use a little help keeping the party going. While some of the 366 positions in this illustrated guide look like they could injure the less flexible among us, most are likely to result in the kind of mind-blowingly athletic sex you’ve been dreaming about since you were a horny teenager reading this magazine. / $13

Canna MOJO Romance ProductsCannaMojo

This cannabis-infused male-enhancement pill proposes to get you deliciously high and hard AF. “Full-throttle pleasure for you and your partner,” it predicts. Even if you don’t need help with your boner, the 10mg of weed in each pill will give you a relaxed, anxiety-free buzz, while increasing desire and sensitivity, and intensifying your orgasm. What’s not to like? / $10 a dose

New Indulgence Romance Products KitNew Indulgence Hotel Kits

One of the best things you can do for your sex life is rent a sweet hotel room and go to town on each other like you’re conducting a torrid affair on the Amalfi Coast. These kits—which include condoms, lube, and other sensual accoutrement—are perfect for that kind of getaway, or even just for bringing the hotel back to your bedroom. / $42-$45

EOL Pheromone CologneEye of Love, Pheromone Cologne

Featuring a blend of lemongrass, mint, and sandalwood, this cologne is designed to accentuate your pheromones (the sex chemicals your body excretes), thereby getting whoever is lucky enough to sit near you all hot and bothered. It’s basically going to turbocharge your attractiveness without you having to do all the hard work of going to the gym. / $54

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