Runner Up Emily Willis

Article by Team Penthouse

As the first month of 2021 comes to a close, we consider it fitting to celebrate one of the closest Pet of the Year contests in recent memory with the Runner Up.

Penthouse Pet of the Year Runner Up Emily Willis

Natural stunner Emily Willis has captured more than fans’ attention with her beguiling smile and beautiful body — she’s also snagged the title of Pet of the Year Runner-Up!

Since Emily was named Penthouse Pet in May 2019, the 21-year-old Utah native has been busy performing for the camera. But she also has ambitions to launch a website and direct and produce her own sexy scenes to let “fans see my creative side.”

Emily says she’s “happy and honored” to be named POTY Runner-Up and is looking forward to another “awesome year of doing new things!”

The Runner Up Emily Willis “Shameless Plug” and Most Blatant Sucking Up

So the magazine article ended there (well, before the Sucking Up headline) — except obviously magazines show themselves vastly inferior when it comes to displaying video content. Have you ever seen a video in a paper magazine? It looks a lot like a photograph — really a lot like a photograph.

At any rate, considering Emily’s recent smash performances at the recent round of industry Awards shows — where Dear Runner Up Emily Willis won Female Performer of the Year for both XBIZ and AVN, by the way — it felt like we should brag about this exceptional woman just a bit more if we could. And of course we could.

So we dashed over to the Post Production Team (a trip much more substantial these days than one might think) where we sought a philosophically difficult request to fulfill. How does one show a “PG” striptease, after all? Well, they came up with the following clip that we can show out here in the free area, but we did want to be clear before you get all excited and click on the Play button. While wonderfully alluring and captivatingly sensual, what you will basically see will be Emily dancing around and starting to strip. About the time you may find it getting interesting, we’ll fade to black. That limitation does not offend any of the editors here, however.

Obviously the executives from other divisions at Penthouse want you to sign up for a PenthouseGold Membership. (Hence the “Sucking Up” part of the subheading.) Being fair, however, we will also point out some free places you can experience this lengthily-titled-and-worthy-of-it-all Penthouse Pet of the Year Runner Up Emily Willis. You have Twitter. You have Instagram — if you can figure out the latest place, as poor Emily seems to get deleted every few months. And we even have more HERE. … So feel free to Emily Overload. We tend to enjoy that.

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