Article by Corrine Barraclough

Sometimes it can be simple fun to talk a little TV. People still watch that, right? … And sometimes it can still be fun to watch it in the dark with someone you love — or, y’know, at least find marginally interesting for an evening.

What’s all the Fuss About Sex/Life?

If your partner’s talking about Netflix’s Sex/Life, you can safely bet this will not be because of the excellent acting or twisty scripts. More likely, the conversation will basically be about the hot sex.

After all, we do not have a particularly complicated concept here. The lead character bounces between lust and regret — in between flashbacks of steamy sex (obviously) — which she enjoyed with her ex. Oh, and the ex also happens to have a huge schlong. So now you’re up to speed. You will not need pen and paper to follow the plot in this one, although having something around to busy your hands might work out well for you.

Sarah Shahi plays Billie, a suburban wife, mother and reformed wild child, who used to play hard in New York City before settling down with her wealthy and stable — but boring — venture capitalist husband, portrayed by Mike Vogel. As you might imagine, boredom kicks in. (Again, we are not surprised by this.) Each episode, then, features a flashback starring her ex, music producer and record label hotshot Brad, played by Adam Demos. That pretty much sums up what you’ll find in the way of framework for the show, and, yes, you can probably guess how the characters will wander down the paths of the series.

That does not make this worth skipping, though — in fact quite the contrary.

Naturally you’ll find lots of moaning, squirming, lip-biting and erect nipples. Lots of lace underwear slipping and sliding down thighs? … Yep. We’ve got plenty of that too.

More importantly, perhaps to fans of the cult favorite show Person of Interest, you will also discover that “Billie” likes being topless — a lot. Let’s be honest here, adoring Sarah Shahi might in and of itself be worth adding this to your watch list, if you’ve been dodging it to date.

Considering just that, it should not be surprising that since its June premiere, Sex/Life has become a massive audience favorite and go-to for gals looking to Netflix and chill. (One mustn’t forget the guy-candy, after all. Some women still appreciate them we hear.)

So when you find yourself in the mood for some soft-core smut to watch without intimidating your partner too much, Ses/Life would be a good option. … Who cares about plot in those moods anyway? Give us some great boobs and showcase some sultry sex scenes, and we’re there. It really does not need to get more complicated than that.

Having been such a rating hit, more episodes of Sex/Life are said to be in the pipeline. As this goes to press, critics have compared the eight-episode juggernaut to Netflix’s breakout hit Bridgerton and 365 Days — the latter being the erotic BDSM-tinged movie holding the rank of the streaming service’s No. 1 film for 57 days last year. It lingered in their top 10 for months.

On that topic, we can add a couple more shows you might think about adding to your future, although admittedly none of these benefit from Sarah Shahi’s bod, so you should know that going in.

  1. There’s been talk for ages that Mike Myers might bring a comedy to Netflix, and the service finally confirmed he’ll shoot a limited series called The Pentaverate, set to premiere in 2022. A stack of other stars will join the former Saturday Night Live funnyman, including Jennifer Saunders, Debi Mazar and Ken Jeong.
  2. Next Netflix follows up the comic-based Jupiter’s Legacy — which had a reported price tag of more than $200 million for a single season — with the villain-focused Supercrooks set in the same universe. There’s chatter that the characters from Jupiter’s Legacy could cross over into the new series. Still, do not confuse this live-action adaptation with the anime series of the same name, released at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France in June.
  3. Batman: Caped Crusader, a new animated series featuring Gotham City’s favorite batty do-gooder, has been ordered at HBO Max. It will be executive produced by Bruce Timm — co-creator of Batman: The Animated Series, which ran on TV from 1992 to 1995 — along with J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves. The trio said in a sta>tement, “The series will be thrilling, cinematic and evocative of Batman’s noir roots.”

You mean Adam West and Burt Ward did perhaps not do justice to the noir roots of Batman? … Holy Conundrum, Bat Folks! …

On the upside, Netflix has distracted us nicely.

Sarah Shahi
Sarah Shahi, because why not, really?