Submission Possible

Article by Deb Kavis

If you’re looking for your next exciting binge watch, look no further than the new docuseries “Submission Possible” as you expand your streaming footprint.

Madison Young on a Mission

Created by “filmmaker, author and sexual revolutionary” Madison Young, the series explores the queer sexual underground worlds of kink, fetish, and BDSM. It will be available on Revry TV, the world’s first global Queer streaming network.

Submission Possible stars Young hosting travel adventures with a mission – sharing stories of who we are as sexual beings. Penthouse had the pleasure of interviewing Madison about her new project, her years of experience as a performer in the adult industry, and her goals for the future.

What person, place, or event surprised you in your travels for Submission Possible? Was there anything that you learned or experienced that was unexpected?

The biggest surprise for me was really New Orleans. It was my first time traveling to New Orleans and I was just blown away by the city, the energy, the community, the people. It truly is a remarkably magical city.

I was also surprised by the number of people that I met that hadn’t had an opportunity to engage in their favorite kinks and fetishes during the pandemic. I think so many of us were in this deep survival mode that having the opportunity to lean into the joy of kink and play, was something that just didn’t present itself. So, the interviews and segments in Submission Possible where folks had a container to really geek out about the things that bring them so much joy and connection and then to experience those kinks or fetishes, it was extra potent.

There is a lot of healing and reconnecting to our pleasure and bodies and intimacy that will be emerging out of the pandemic and I’m so happy that this series gets to be a part of documenting that emergence and process.

There were so many things that I learned that I didn’t really expect. I experienced astral projection during a super hot segment with Arabelle Raphael in Portland, Oregon. I was really surprised by that!

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect in doing a role play segment in which I would be playing dead. I love to be really connected and feeding my top with energy, smiles, sounds of pleasure.

I was a little nervous that I’d feel disconnected from Arabelle during the segment but similar to meditation, when I sunk into stillness and surrendered over my body, I felt my astral body rise up and I watched from my mind’s eye as Arabelle moved my body around. I definitely felt aroused by the whole experience.

I also had a super profound deep healing experience in the dungeon of Cleo Dubois in San Francisco where through a ritualistic needle pull, I cleared some deep wounds from a past life and my energy expanded and vibrated throughout the space.