Submission Possible

Article by Deb Kavis

There are so many ways to connect, to experience pleasure and intimacy – with in kink and queerness – love and sex are limitless with in whatever container and parameters you construct based on your individual desires.

How do you see kink existing within and alongside mainstream culture?

I think there is still a lot of confusion about kink within mainstream culture. Aspects of kink have been glommed onto and then sensationalized or capitalized on. But kink isn’t a paddle or a pair of handcuffs or slipping into a leather corset. It’s not something you wear but something you are that exists within you and how you see the world and experience pleasure and connection with others. It’s fun to have awesome toys but all you really need is your mind – hands, feet or other body parts can be great too J. But knowing how to connect, move energy through your body, using your words, understanding how to negotiate and build a container for a hot scene, listening and understanding your partner’s desires and fantasies – these are the building blocks of kink. This is something we are really diving into with in Submission Possible – getting beyond the external of what kink might physically look like and delving into the inner workings, of what it fulfills for us, how nourishes us and the communities and culture that exist in different cities within these kink and queer pockets around the world.

What are your goals for the future? Where do you want to travel next with Submission Possible?

My goal is really to develop both Submission Possible as a series as well as my television and feature film production company, Empress in Lavender Media. We have a whole season of shows in development including a 30-minute drama series and a feminist thriller feature film. I’m really excited to dive deep into filmmaking and storytelling and bring queer narratives to life in a really big way.

Submission Possible is our first series that we are producing, and I love that. It’s an embodiment of everything I stand for. Travel, queer and kinky community, creativity, vulnerability, holding space for other people’s stories while engaging in my own journey of introspection – it’s intimate and sexy and features a wide array of stories.

There are so many cities that I’m excited to bring the show to. Our first season is centered along the west coast of the United States largely due to both being as safe as possible as we emerge from the pandemic and budget.