Submission Possible

Article by Deb Kavis

We are currently doing a lot of fundraising for the series as well as bringing on brand partnerships, sponsors, investors and producers.

We did some crowdfunding for the series so folks could contribute at any level to the making of the series there, which turned out well. People can also purchase tickets for our VIP virtual sneak peek preview of series. The preview takes place on June 30th at 1pm PST and 7pm PST and will be followed by a post-show talk and Q&A.

Our crowdfunding campaign is the only place we are currently offering tickets for that preview.

We also threw a Spank-a-Thon benefit event on June 10th for the production of Submission Possible where folks pledged for different rad performers to receive a certain number of spankings while raising funds for the show. Performers included Penthouse Pet – Olive Glass, Daisy Ducati, Princess Donna, Dadi Iris, Harley Evans, Elyse the Beast, and of course me! It was a lot of fun.

In our next season of Submission Possible, I’d love to visit more rural areas of the United States. This season was absolutely inspirational as we visited west coast cities such as Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles but next I really want to dive into lesser-known kink and queer scenes that exist in say Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, and Western Massachusetts. I’ve been meeting amazing kinksters online in lesser-known pockets around North America and I’d love for us to bring in a budget that supports that kind of travel. In season 3, I’d love to bring the show international to Europe then eventually Japan, and Australia. There are so many places this show can really reach out to and so many communities to document. I’m really excited about the future of the show and the response to the first episode was monumental.

Submission Possible will be broadcast on Revry TV along with a number of other VOD platforms this summer following our June 30th preview for our crowdfunding backers. Do take a few minutes to peek/pique/peak that interest by viewing the promotional video HERE.

Madison wanted to note that Submission Possilbe was made “possible” with the help of community partners, Squirm, Vessel Society, and InnThrall. We encourage you to keep up with Madison at as well.

You can look around here for some topically-themed advice, or you can check out the potentially much more fun Social Media Links for Madison herself include @therealmadisonyoung and @submissionpossible on Instagram, as well as @madisonyoung and @submissionpostv on Twitter.

We have no idea when — or if — Madison sleeps.

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