Tips from a Male Prostitute

Article by Team Penthouse

“I was totally passive,” he says. “I needed the money desperately, and I just wanted to find out if I could respond without cringing. Well, I found that I could, that I could get into a fantasy trip, just close my eyes and forget the whole thing.”

“The thing is, I hadn’t had that much sexual experience. Some, but not a lot. My sex life with my wife was not good. So I really didn’t have much idea of what I was getting into. Mostly it was just a matter of seeing if I could do these things at all. When I found that I could, it was like a form of success, and that made me happy.”

Happy, but not rich. “I still didn’t know what I was doing,” he says. “I didn’t even know how to tell people there was a fee.” But after a few “successful” gay experiences, Frank eventually got his first call from a couple.

“The guy called, gave me some cockamamie story about having a bad back and having a hard time functioning with his wife. He said he wanted to try something new. Well, I still didn’t know what to charge, so I had to call some of the ads in the Advocate and ask some of the other guys. Finally, we settled on $35.”

“I went out to their house—they lived way out in the sticks, on a farm or something—and I was surprised to find that they were both pretty nice-looking,” he continues. “He was actually better-looking than she was, but she wasn’t bad. Now he had claimed on the phone that he wasn’t going to watch, but I figured he was or he wouldn’t have brought me out there in the first place. I mean, what’s he going to do while I fuck his wife, watch TV? But I’d never done anything like that. I didn’t even know if I could function with somebody else watching me.”

“Well, he got undressed first and I gave him a massage while his wife watched TV in the other room. Then he called her in and coaxed her into taking off her clothes. She was really shy about the whole thing. Then he walked out, but I knew he was watching through the door. So I started massaging her, trying to get into it, figuring if I can get excited and do this, it’s going to be great—it means I’ve succeeded. Again, it was a matter of can I do this or not. So anyway, I found that massaging her like that kind of turned me on. I was able to get an erection and fuck her. In the middle of it, I turned my head and saw that he was looking. I was afraid that might wilt me, but it didn’t. It didn’t turn me off.”

After a while, the client revealed he could not come, but Frank sure could.

Originally published in the June 1983 issue of Penthouse magazine. But male prostitutes still exist.