Tips from a Male Prostitute

Article by Team Penthouse

“But I didn’t collapse on top of her or anything—I didn’t think that would be very professional. Then we got dressed, he paid me, and I left. On the way home I was really happy. It was a big kick to realize that I’d just been paid to fuck somebody. I was thinking, gee, maybe I can really make some money at this. In fact, I was so happy that I stopped at the record store and spent the whole thing on records.”

A brief lull followed this first session, but soon business began to pick up. “After I put ads in three papers,” Frank says, “the phone started to ring. And once you start seeing people occasionally, unless you’re a complete nerd you’re going to start getting repeat business. So it was just a natural progression.”

As part of that progression, Frank began to develop a modus operandi, a style. “I like to be friendly and open. Put people at ease. You know, talk to me, say whatever you want. Ask questions. Feel free to do what you want and let’s have fun. Let’s be relaxed. Don’t look at me as a professional on a pedestal.”

He also developed a get-down-to-business technique of breaking through the inevitable first-session jitters. “I used to sit down with them, have a drink, talk for a while until they got comfortable. But after a while, I found it’s much better to just get into the bedroom, get their clothes off, and start in with a massage. If they can lie there and feel my hands on them, that’s going to be much more relaxing than sitting in the living room having a drink and getting all uptight about what’s going to happen ten minutes down the line.”

Unless a couple has something definite in mind—which is rare, Frank says—he will usually take the lead. “I do it whether they’re experienced or not,” he says. “I try to do the sorts of things I think they might enjoy and hope that if there’s something they want they’ll feel relaxed enough down the line to say, ‘Oh, let’s try this.’ If they don’t, I just continue to take the lead. If I’m fucking her brains out and he’s off to the side or something, I might say, ‘Hey, would you like to join in, or let’s switch positions—anything to try and get him to take part.”

Of course, the question arises (pardon the expression): how does one manage to unfailingly, day in and day out, get an erection on cue in the company of total strangers? “Sometimes I’ll fantasize about something,” Frank says. “A movie I’ve seen, or a photograph, something in my mind that’s been a turn-on. But usually I manage to get genuinely sexually excited. It’s very hard to just make your dick rise on command. Maybe it can be done, but usually I’m not the type who can pull it off. I have to be sexually involved.”

Originally published in the June 1983 issue of Penthouse magazine. But male prostitutes still exist.