Tips from a Male Prostitute

Article by Team Penthouse

It’s equally important, of course, to hold one’s mud, to come only when requested. “If you come too much,” Frank explains, “you’ll become totally disinterested. During these five years, I’ve just trained myself not to.” For Frank this is apparently a matter of mental discipline, a sort of zen mastery over the process of reproduction itself. “Obviously,” he says, “I have to get excited to a point. But I have to know where that point is, and I have to avoid going through that point. Otherwise I’ll come, and I’ll blow the whole thing.”

Even then, when he goes over that thin line between delight and depletion, Frank has learned how to cover himself. “For example,” he says, “there are times when I haven’t come completely but I’ve reached a physiological state in which I’m going to go down before I come back up. In those cases I have to muddle through for a while before I can come back up. Maybe I’ll use my mouth, or my hands, or get the guy to come in and take my place. But I usually don’t admit it when it happens, because then they think, Oh, it’s all over.”

“Muddling through” is not the only technique Frank has developed to deal with ticklish situations. On occasion the deceptions can be comical, almost ludicrous.

“There was a doctor who I used to see all the time with his secretary. We used to do it right in his office—not with the stirrups or anything, but on a couch in his office. His thing was to watch us do it until we both came and then go down on her afterward. Well, once I couldn’t come. I just didn’t feel like it. And it turned out that time that she wasn’t in the mood either. So we both faked coming, and he didn’t know the difference.”

“After that she and I developed a signal system. She would either pinch me or wink at me when she’d had enough, and I would fake an orgasm. You know, all the noises and everything. I would fake the come, withdraw, and get off. Then he would come in and go down on her. He was completely satisfied. To this day I don’t think he knows the difference.”

Frank’s good doctor was easily satisfied, at least in part, because he seemed to know what he wanted. This, it turns out, is rare, particularly in working with couples. “It’s very hard for a lot of people to tell you what they want,” says Frank. “They just can’t verbalize it.” Generally, though, it’s the man who supplies the motivation. “Usually it’s the guy goading the girl,” Frank agrees. “The women are usually shy, at least initially. I think a lot of them have doubts about why their husbands or boyfriends have called me. They wonder if the guy’s going to turn it against them, or use it as an excuse to go out and start fucking other women.”

Originally published in the June 1983 issue of Penthouse magazine. But male prostitutes still exist.