Tips from a Male Prostitute

Article by Team Penthouse

It’s not hard to see why. Frank himself has to struggle to preserve the one truly important relationship in his own life, a two-and-a-half-year live-in arrangement with his girlfriend Jessie. (Actually, they share two apartments—one where Frank does his work, the other where he avails himself of a family life with Jessie and her son.) To make matters even more complicated, Jessie herself was once a working prostitute on the streets of Philadelphia. But she has left “the life ” with a vengeance, and now regards it with all the zealous distaste that one usually associates with reformed drunks.

“Jessie does not like my work,” Frank says simply, “despite the fact that she used to do it herself. She can handle it better than 99 percent of the people, but she still gets upset. She seems to think that I don’t give her enough sexually. I think she gets it in her head that I’m giving my customers something that I don’t give her. It’s not true, but that’s what’s in her head.”

The central problem revolves, as these problems often do, around orgasm. “There are times,” Frank explains, “when I just don’t feel like coming. I’m more excited and more pleased just holding Jessie, kissing her. If we’re having intercourse and she comes, that’s fine with me. I don’t have to go on. But she seems to think that if I don’t come I haven’t enjoyed it.”

Jessie also has a complaint that’s more standard among the wives and girlfriends of professionals: her man can be called away from her side at a moment’s notice. This can be particularly annoying when he is called from her bed to the bed of someone else’s wife.

“Jessie was upset yesterday. We were in bed in the morning, and I got a call from a couple. Well, it was Sunday morning and we had invited some friends over. We had to clean up the house, make rigatoni … All of a sudden I’m gone, and we both know it’s going to be longer than fifteen minutes. Naturally, she’s going to get a little upset.”

These episodes, which can happen as often as twice a day, put extra pressure on Jessie, and she often turns that pressure back on Frank. “She’s very direct,” he says. “She wants me out of the life.”

Bizarre customers. A disapproving girlfriend. A limited future (like athletes, a prostitute’s career is very much a function of age, and Frank is now thirty-six). Danger (he’s been busted twice). With all these negatives, what is there about this work that keeps Frank going? The satisfaction he delivers to his customers is obvious, but where are the satisfactions for Frank himself?

Apparently, it’s not the sex. “If I wasn’t in a relationship with a woman,” Frank says, “I might be getting my sexual yah­yahs from my work. But since I do have a relationship with somebody that I really love…”

There is the money, of course. Although you’d never know it by his low-key lifestyle (he lives in a nondescript, vaguely funky apartment and drives a Japanese sedan), Frank does very well by most standards. Figure-shy for understandable reasons, Frank will admit to working an average of twice a day at a minimum of $50 a crack. Sometimes the fee with “bonuses ” can run as high as $500. This means a minimum income of roughly $25,000 a year, with the real take probably much higher. Not bad for an out-of­work accountant.

Originally published in the June 1983 issue of Penthouse magazine. But male prostitutes still exist.