Weird Life

Article by Team Penthouse

Truth has been stranger than fiction for eons, so we have decided to celebrate the quirky.

From Magical to Simply Odd

Weird Life … Something Doesn’t Aladdin Up

Two fraudsters have been arrested after conning a doctor into spending close to $100,000 for an Aladdin’s lamp, officials say. It’s alleged the pair conjured up a fake genie to trick their victim into handing over wads of cash in Uttar Pradesh, India.

The unsuspecting mark, Laeek Khan, says one of the men pretended to be an occultist and made a supernatural-like figure appear from the lamp. Khan bought the supposedly magical lamp for a cool seven million rupees ($93,000) after being promised it would bring him a lifetime of health, wealth and good fortune, cops say.

Khan contacted the police after figuring out the “genie” was just one of the men in disguise and that his lamp was not of the wish-granting kind.

Senior police offer Amit Ray says it’s not the first time the trickers have sold a non-magical lamp and adds, “The men have also cheated other families using the same modus operandi. The total amount of money involved runs into several million rupees.”

I guess you could say Khan was taken for a magic carpet ride.

Weird Life FlyWeird Life … Super Fly for an Old Guy

We’ve all been annoyed by a bug or a fly at some point or another, but one man has accidentally blown up his own kitchen while trying to kill a crafty fly with an electric bug zapper.

The octogenarian from France was trying to off the annoying insect without realizing he had a gas leak on his property.

According to a local news outlet, the 82-year-old had just sat down to dinner when he was joined by an uninvited guest. He wasn’t going to let a pesky bug ruin the atmosphere, so he grabbed an electric flyswatter, designed to zap the creatures to their demise. He swung the electro death racket, but instead of hitting his buzzing target, the apparatus ignited the gas and caused a sizeable explosion that destroyed his kitchen and part of the roof in the process.

Thankfully, the man escaped serious injury by diving onto the floor and was treated for a burned hand at a local hospital. It’s not known whether the fly survived the disaster.

This does not markthe first time an insect has caused grief for homeowners. In 2018, a man in California accidentally set his parents’ house on fire while trying to kill spiders. In the same year, an Australian blew up his house while trying to destroy a horde of cockroaches.