Crush of the Week: ManyVids CEO Bella French

Article by Mish Barber-Way

In a few short years, Montreal-based adult technology platform ManyVids has risen from an idea to the top adult clip site in the world.

But CEO and occasional camgirl Bella French had full confidence in her vision. After all, it was an excellent concept: create a platform where any camgirl can host her own content, and make it a hub for the sexiest women in the world. Today, ManyVids is a multinational pro-sex technology conglomerate that specializes in live-streaming, e-commerce, and video-hosting.

“We are first and foremost a tech firm,” French says of the company she now runs with her cofounder tech pros, Sed Dehan and Gino Sciretta. “We want adult performers to have the best tools for success.”

French no longer cams as much as she used to; her main focus is running the company. Since her days as a buxom blonde bombshell, she has reduced her breasts and gone back to her natural hair color. In other words, she’s returned to herself.

Aside from overseeing a cutting-edge digital platform, French is devoted to advocating for sex workers, which is why this year she revealed herself as the company’s co-founder and CEO in the documentary We Are Many. One of her latest projects? A 1-800 hotline for adult entertainers to call when they need help.

Following a shocking string of suicides last year by prominent women in the adult industry, French was compelled to do something. After shutting herself in her office to cry silently, she returned to her 80-plus employees to brainstorm a solution. The hotline was born.

“It’s one of my proudest accomplishments,” she says in her charming accent. “I care about the models. They are our business partners and we want them to be treated with respect.”

We sat down with the savvy French Canadian to talk business, entrepreneurs, busting ass, obstacles, and boobs.

You’re the CEO of a major technology company. Why keep this awesome title a secret until now?

There were a few reasons why I waited. First of all, I’m a workaholic. I love to work, and I had no interest in putting myself out there publicly because that would take up a lot of my time when I wanted to be working on the platform. Secondly, I didn’t want attention taken away from the company and put on me instead. I knew that if I was out there, then my history as a camgirl would bring too much attention. I wanted the focus to be on ManyVids. As we evolved, it became harder and harder to do business hiding myself. I realized that unless I put myself out there, I could not advocate for the changes I want to see in the adult industry.