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Lacy Lennon, Penthouse 2020 Pet of the Year

The future looks exceptionally bright for Lacy Lennon. The 22-year-old redhead from Los Angeles has almost a half-million followers on Instagram, has earned her position as one of the fastest rising adult actresses in the world and has just been crowned the very deserving winner of the 2020 Penthouse Pet of the Year contest.

Light My Fire

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Article by Gideon Rozner
Up in Smoke partially derived from Zamieszki

Decades Of Noxious Ideological Battles Have Left The West Divided

Out of The Frying Pan and Into The Riots

Writing about current events in the “post-COVID” world is a tough gig. Things move quickly, and everything I come up with these days is out of date by the time it gets published. Last time I filed for Penthouse, it looked like the sheer craziness of it all had peaked.MORE from Penthouse

Article by Brendan O’Neill
Illustration for Australian Penthouseby by Anton Emdin

A Neo-Maoist Cultural Revolution is underway in America, and it’s being led by the country’s political and economic elite.

The Time is Mao

Wild-eyed youths tearing down statues. Self-righteous twenty-somethings raging against older people who dare to think differently to them. Prim, unforgiving university students stalking their campuses in search of offensive books and offensive speakers so they can point a bony finger of judgment at them while yelling: “Not allowed!”MORE from Penthouse

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UFC Fight of the Century

“We're not just here to take part. We're here to take over.”

Conor McGregor was talking about himself and the Irish nation he represents after an emotional victory in the Octagon back in 2014. But he could well have been talking about the sport he competes in.MORE from Penthouse

If you know what UFC stands for, then you have an opinion about highly-trained men beating themselves to death in fun and exciting ways. You may not, however, know the Grand Plans they have.
Article by Sam Machado
Shantal for Camster

As lonely and horny as we all are in this isolation, you’re not alone! A majority of us are going to have to bite the bullet and spend Christmas inside just like all the cam girls on

Staying Home at Christmas with Cam Girls

These girls are lonely and have been looking to make new friends in the online world. In fact, gorgeous women from all over the world have been looking to make a special connection with someone for the holidays. It’s not as fun for these girls to open Christmas presents unless someone is there to see the sparkle in their eyes when they find exactly what they’re looking for … catch the drift?MORE from Penthouse

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Lola Montez Conceptual Art

A Scandal-Laden International Superstar And Consort To A King, Lola Montez Puts Our Modern-Day Celebs To Shame.

When the good citizens of Ballarat, Australia, stopped in the street in February 1856 to watch a comely young woman beating seven kinds of hell out of Henry Seekamp, editor of the Ballarat Times, with a horsewhip, they probably thought it was just a fun new type of public entertainment.MORE from Penthouse

Article by Mia Walsch
Failure of On-Screen Dommes

I’d heard about Netflix’s “Bonding” from dominatrices on Twitter. “It’s bad,” was the consensus, but how bad?

The Failure Of On-screen Dommes

It’s not just the ill-fitting corset. It isn’t how utterly ludicrous it is that a mistress would pay someone 20 percent of her earnings to do … whatever it was that Mistress May (Zoe Levin) wanted Carter (Brendan Scannell) to do for her. (Clean? Do security? He just seemed to watch and reluctantly participate in sessions.) Even neophyte dommes know that there is an endless line of willing subs who’d not only do these tasks for free, but who might even pay to do them. It makes no fiscal sense!MORE from Penthouse

For the record, people cannot simply play at being Dommes, just as with most movie roles. Still, have you ever noticed how much Domme looks like do me?
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Petites Luxures Art

Censorship, style, and sex with French artist Petites Luxures.

The Penthouse Interview

Pettites Luxures is an anonymous erotic artist bringing sexual subtlety to the masses through his sensual, simplistic line drawings. We spoke to the mystery man about how he went from being a commercial graphic designer to being an full-time erotic artist with 1.3 million Instagram followers.MORE from Penthouse

You might fancy a Petites Luxures simply because it sounds like a pastry. That would not be the case, but we find it tasty regardless.