Shocking Temptation | 10 Years Ago This Month

Shocking Temptation Conceptual Art

Sex advice if not from an expert, at least from someone who has had a lot of sex.

Penthouse Magazine - February 2011Nothing’s Shocking

“I am not a licensed therapist, guru, or magic relationship mender. This is sex and love advice from a guy who has seen both failure and success in the relationship department. I am a little jaded, a little disillusioned, a little sarcastic, yet very honest. Answers may be sincere, absurd, comical, or sometimes flat-out wrong. You’ll have to consider the source, I suppose.” MORE from Penthouse

If you can't have a little shocking temptation with a big star like Dave Navarro, please contact us. You clearly have an interesting life.

Extreme Ice | 20 Years Ago This Month

Extreme Ice Conceptual Art

In the high-stakes world of extreme sports, ice climbing is one of the most exhilarating — and terror-inducing — outdoor adventures on earth.

Penthouse Magazine - February 2001A Cold Reality

It is not for the fainthearted; in fact, of the 5.7 million Americans who participate in the many forms of climbing each year, only five percent venture anywhere near the perilous conditions associated with climbing around on ice. But for those few thrill seekers who are undaunted by the risks, ice climbing is the only way to go.MORE from Penthouse

Some of us do not need to qualify the dangers of ice by creating an entirely new category of Extreme Ice. But some people are wacky.

Steve Forbes | 30 Years Ago This Month

Steve Forbes Conceptual Art

Steve Forbes presides over the evolution of his flamboyant father’s empire.

Penthouse Magazine - February 1991Heir Power

After 70-year-old publisher Malcolm Forbes died in his sleep last February, industry experts were quick to question whether the magazine that bears his name could survive without him. They certainly had a point, for Forbes was a remarkable and perhaps indispensable man. MORE from Penthouse

Inheriting money from daddy doesn't mean much, apparently even if you become President. Steve Forbes has proven the exception, however.

Call of the Cattle Drive | 40 Years Ago This Month

Cattle Drive vx. Technology

The federal government has confiscated the land, but the frontier spirit lives on in a few cattlemen fighting to protect their way of life.

Penthouse Magazine - February 2011The Lost Frontier

I saw her around the corner, talking to someone who was still out of view. The Western fashions were what caught my eye: a raccoon fur coat cut and styled like classic sheepskin, except for those raccoon tails dangling in a macabre manner from the seam under each arm, like scalps from a belt. Cowboy boots of blond eel, with designs of peyote buttons and marijuana leaves stitched in. A lariat trailed off and down around the corner from her gloved hand, finally ending in a poodle. Was she headed for cutting and branding or for the manicurist’s?MORE from Penthouse

Most of us have visions of what a cattle drive would entail. Forty years ago this month we were already worried about our lost frontier.