Roland Emmerich on Drama

Roland Emmerich Drama Conceptual Art

So what should we expect from Emmerich’s period drama Anonymous, set in Elizabethan England, which delves into the debate about who really wrote the plays that history credits to William Shakespeare? We can’t even imagine, but we’d put good money on it being free of aliens.

Penthouse Magazine - November 2011Dramatic License

Roland Emmerich maybe the only current A-list director who’s never made a sequel to one of his international blockbusters, but then, special-effects-laden disaster flicks like Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, and 2012 don’t really lend themselves to the customary Hollywood sequel. But now the German filmmaker has directed the kind of small, personal movie that a caustic character in one of his epics might mock.MORE from Penthouse

Strokes The Band

The Strokes on Stage in Spain

Buzz: It’s the elusive whir that makes the rock world run, and the Strokes have it in abundance. Distinct from its all too common cousin hype, it’s an electric noise that can’t be manufactured, a sort of unspoken consensus that here is a band that matters.

Different Strokes

Impossibly cool and unrealistically handsome in their black leather, their seventies shag haircuts, and their Mediterranean complexions, the five New York City twentysomethings tear through their set with sweaty exuberance as a capacity crowd of journalists, radio insiders, and record-company weasels are swept up by the energy of the snarling melodies and breakneck rhythms. MORE from Penthouse

Politically Correct Pitfalls

Politically Correct Unavoidable

We did something a little bit different in this Legacy update, technically publishing two articles on the same topic from the November, 1991, issue of Penthouse. We did find it interesting that 30+ years ago they were talking about how being Politically Correct was going to be the ruin of civilized society, whereas today we believe … well, basically the same thing.

Penthouse Magazine - November 1991“Politically Correct” Thought Police

Sarah Lawrence College, 1989.

“Amanda,” I was told, “as president of the student council, you have to join the sit-in. Besides,” my fellow student threatened, “not sitting-in means that you support white supremacy.” I was so frightened, I could barely speak. What if I told the truth and said I disagreed with the sit-in, and with political correctness in general? Then I would be labelled a racist, and that was no joke, with hundreds of wild-eyed students only a few feet away from me chanting “racists beware!” I wanted to shout back, “I have the right to my own opinions. You’re just bullies, and you’re using the threat of public shame as a way of controlling people!”MORE from Penthouse

Roman Polanski

"Let's separate the artist and the man with the ax." Written on Roman Polanski's home.

Four years ago a sex scandal involving a thirteen-year-old girl forced the famed movie director to flee to Europe. The whole story is finally told.

Penthouse Magazine - November 1981Roman Polanski’s Escape from Hollywood

Roman Polanski accepted an assignment from Vogue Hammes, a sophisticated French men’s magazine, to shoot a photo spread on little girls of the world. If was 1977, and Polanski, still unable to secure financing for Pirates, signed a development deal with Columbia Pictures to script and direct an adaptation of Lawrence Sanders’s The First Deadly Sin.MORE from Penthouse