O’Farrell Farewell

O'Farrell Farewell Conceptual Art

Behind the Green Door of their Porn Empire, Jim and Artie Mitchell’s symbiotic demands were spiraling to an ultimate explosion of violence.

Penthouse Magazine - October 1991The O’Farrell | Citizen Cain … and Abel

The first time we see Norman Bates in Psycho, he’s carrying an umbrella in heavy rain. Natural enough, except for the fact that the umbrella is rolled up. This was Alfred Hitchcock’s visual clue that the man was seriously nuts.MORE from Penthouse

Asia via James Clavell

Conceptions of James Clavell with Shogun and Noble House

The author of “Shogun” and “Noble House” warns: “Nobody looks at history; nobody knows anything about the past. … We are under siege economically. And historically, all wars have started for economic reasons.”

Penthouse Magazine - October 1981James Clavell (and Asian Culture)

For nearly 20 years, James Clavell has been writing best-selling novels set in Asia. First there was King Rat, the story of his three years as a Japanese prisoner of war. Then came Tai-Pan, an epic novel about the founding of the great trading colony of Hong Kong. Then came Shogun, the adventures of an English seaman in medieval Japan. Now he is riding high on the charts with his latest work, Noble House, a mountainous volume of 1,200 pages of business intrigues, murder, romance, espionage, family feuds, smuggling, and even a few natural disasters, all in the Hong Kong of the early 1960s.MORE from Penthouse


Mudvayne Conceptual Art

Mudvayne first blipped onto the heavy-metal radar in 2000. With their latest release, the guys know for their horror-movie style look toward The End of All Things to Come.

Penthouse Magazine - February 2003Alien Nation of Mudvayne

Mudvayne, the dark progressive-metal quartet of gore-painted mathematicians, came to tiny Cannon Falls, Minnesota, 30 miles southeast of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, to make some noise. Many big names in music — Nirvana, P. J. Harvey, Live, Soul Asylum — have come here before them to record. It’s home to Pachyderm, a cozy residential music studio (designed by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright’s) that was built into the side of a hill on 40 acres, complete with an indoor swimming pool and sauna, a spring-fed trout stream, bridges, and nature paths — an ideal place where bands can kick back in total comfort and live reclusively while they commit their art to posterity. Which is exactly what Mudvayne — drummer Matt McDonough, guitarist Greg Tribbett, bassist Ryan Martinie, and singer Chad Gray — did this past summer.MORE from Penthouse

Vegas Variations on Volatility

Las Vegas at Night Fantasy

Penthouse Magazine - September 2011Keeping the Peace in Vegas

You see the couple over there at the bar? They’re from, let’s say, Ypsilanti, Michigan, but here in Vegas, as many visitors understand it, anything goes. This duo is dressed for excess: she in hooker heels and he in an expensive-looking collared shirt with chest hair peeking out from under the gaudy gold chain around his neck. They don’t dress like this in Michigan. But they obviously get Jersey Shore. This is a big trip for them. Trouble is, at this point they’ve already peaked. You can tell they’re fairly fucked up. Look how she’s laughing hysterically every few seconds, while he’s starting to get a little aggressive with the bartender.MORE from Penthouse