Dixie Chicks | 20 Years Ago This Month

Dixie Chicks Caveat

The Dixie Chicks are to road stories what Thelma & Louise is to chick movies.

Penthouse Magazine - September 2000Road Chicks

It surprises a lot of people to hear this, but the Chicks have been touring for more than ten years. There isn’t much these fearless Texas women haven’t seen or done. But they might never have gone on the road if it hadn’t been for the generosity of one of their female fans.MORE from Penthouse

Three years before the Dixie Chicks figured out that music and politics rarely mesh like a beautiful chord, they had fun stories to tell.

The Doors: Abre Las Puertas | 30 Years Ago This Month

Open the Doors

The Drummer of The Doors recalls his Strange Days with rock’s most legendary madman.

Penthouse Magazine - September 1990Riders on the Storm

It seems that whoever met Jim Morrison walked away with a different impression: southern gentleman, prick, poet, brute, charmer, et cetera.

I lived with Jim for six years on the road and in the recording studio. This book is my truth. It may not be the whole truth, but it is the way I saw it. From the drum stool.MORE from Penthouse

People who have never heard of the The Doors could well be familiar with their music. An insider now opens The Doors for Penthouse.

Uncontrolled Media | 40 Years Ago This Month

Uncontrolled Media Conceptual Art

Despite the combined efforts of the media, conspiracy freaks, cultists, and UFO fans, investigators have found the real answer to the greatest nonmystery of our time.

Penthouse Magazine - September, 1980Cattle Mutiliations: The Truth at Last

After the death, the animal’s rectum and sex organs always are removed in a mutilation case with a precision many investigators believe could be accomplished only with a sophisticated instrument, such as a laser beam ….

Strong evidence exists that cattle are killed elsewhere, then flown by aircraft to the spot where they are found, and dropped to the ground. …

There is much speculation as to why Los Alamos wants less attention paid to mutilations, including the fact that they do know why the mutilations are occurring, but that the reason is classified material.MORE from Penthouse

Years before even the launch of Fox and MSNBC we were talking about Uncontrolled Media. Seems like we may not have that fire contained yet.

Home Defense 101 | 10 Years Ago This Month

Home Defense 101 Philosophy

Facing a possible home invasion — or worse — you’lI need all your strength, skills, and some of these everyday household items.

Penthouse Magazine - July/Aug, 2010Safe At Home

It’s fun to read about the face-crushing exploits of hard-core badasses, but every once in a while (i.e., when the teeming hordes of murderous ex-KGB ninja pirate assassins finally track you down) it might be necessary to bust out a couple of ass-kicking tricks of your own. With that in mind, here are some ways to turn your plain old stuff into weapons. Let’s talk about Home Defense 101 for a moment.MORE from Penthouse

It may not be intuitive to put bacon in your tool belt for Home Defense 101 techniques, but without a doubt we all want to protect it.