Ridley Scott | 10 Years Ago This Month

Ridley Scott Conceptual Art

British director Ridley Scott has been making commercials and movies — and casting actors in career-defining roles — for 40 years. You may not know his face, but you know his films.

Penthouse Magazine - May, 2010The Talented Mr. Ridley

It’s damn near impossible to pick favorites when it comes to Ridley Scott films, but let us suggest a few fun debates: the gritty futuristic Los Angeles of Blade Runner or the gritty futuristic confining spaceship in Alien — which is scarier? Alien’s ass-kicking risley or the gun-toting feminist heroines of Thelma & Louise — whom are you more afraid to piss off? Hell, throw all five of Russel Crowe’s Scott characters into a cage match. How would Robin Hood fare against Maximus? (We’d be happy to see either one put the beatdown on Body of Lies’ Ed Hoffman.) Who would fin a foot race between G.I. Jane and the female runner in Apple’s 1984 Super Bowl ad? And we haven’t even started to discuss weighing the merits of theatrical/studio versions versus director’s cuts of Gladiator, Alien, and Blade Runner. (Director’s cuts all around — duh.) You could even have some fun imagining the doomed soldiers of Black Hawk Down, with their modern weapons, against the crusaders of Kingdom of Heaven, with their self-righteous religious zeal.MORE from Penthouse

If a group of knowledgeable people can get into a lively debate about the artists' best work, then you have proof Ridley Scott has reached icon status. Talented family, those Scott brothers. Holidays must be fun at mom’s house.

Megadeth Reborn | 20 Years Ago This Month

Megadeth Conceptual Art

After 17 years, four platinum albums, and revolving lineups, heavy-metal titan Megadeth had ventured into a new direction — and pissed off old fans.

Penthouse Magazine - May, 2000Bending Metal

On the grounds of Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, on a muggy 90-degree Saturday afternoon, the Arizona State Fair is in full swing. The Ferris wheel slowly rotates, offering festivalgoers a panoramic view the surrounding desert. The Tilt-A-Wheel tilts and whirls, and the carnival booths teenagers deal out dollar bills like playing cards in the hopes of winning miniature stuffed animals. But the fair’s main attraction is currently resting backstage inside the arena. Megadeth, titan of all that is heavy-metal music, is about to perform the first show if its American tour, and the first of three gigs scheduled in two different states over the next 24 hours.MORE from Penthouse

Become famous travelling a certain path, and if you change direction, you'd best hope either fans follow, or you can accomplish a new Megadeth goal.

Green Rage | 30 Years Ago This Month

Green Rage Conceptual Art

A growing number of radical environmentalists are literally using guerilla warfare to defend our planet.

Penthouse Magazine - May, 1990Even Then, The Evironment

On the chill spring morning of March 21, 1981, 75 people drove into the visitors-center parking lot of Arizona’s Glen Canyon Dam. They were not part of the usual crowd of tourists and boat owners come to marvel at the huge waterworks, ponder statistics on metric tons of concrete, or admire the vast power-plant reservoir, inaccurately, if not disingenuously, named Lake Powell by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. On the contrary, they were more interested in what had been here before the dam, what the dam had in fact taken from them. Under 500 feet of reservoir water lay what had once been one of the most beautiful stretches of the Colorado Gorge, the golden heart of the canyonlands, with tamarisk and willow thickets, waterfalls and plunge pools, hanging gardens of orchids and maidenhair ferns that found refuge in the pink sandstone recesses while mastodons still walked the continent during the Ice Age. There had been egrets and ibises wading in the shallows, beaver, deer, and coyotes in the cotton-wood glades. There had been that abundance of life only possible, or perhaps only fully appreciated, along a desert river. It was for the sake of this submerged, half-forgotten natural world under the bone-white monument to progress that these people came to demonstrate their displeasure.MORE from Penthouse

Ignore the environment for long enough, and it may protect itself with a Green Rage. The environmentalist simmer will eventually boil. Do nothing for long enough, and saving the planet will become a multifaceted active confrontation.

The Guccione Legacy | 40 Years Ago This Month

Bob Guccione

Comparing an X-rated film to Caligula is like comparing the shootout at the O.K. Corral to the Second World War.

Penthouse Magazine - May, 1980Penthouse Reveals the Bob Guccione Legacy

It is difficult to imagine what the citizens of Rome thought in 1976 when they saw the odd goings-on at the Dear Film Studios just outside that city. According to local gossip, there were some interesting events transpiring: a lot of people were walking around undressed and half-undressed, a menagerie of animals (including Tibetan goats) was being brought inside the studios, and a small army of workmen were building Roman baths, a complete Roman palace, and an underground grotto for what appeared to be an authentic imperial Roman orgy.MORE from Penthouse

Few of us can imagine a life and then build it to a point when the entire world recognizes, if not envies, it. The Bob Guccione Legacy reached that goal.