Chuck Stuart | 30 Years Ago This Month

The Chuck Stewart Story Conceptual Art

The almost unbelievable true story of the brutal murder of Carol Stuart — a crime that Ignited Boston’s worst racial nightmares.

Penthouse Magazine - June, 1991Deadly Greed

No one on Harvest Road could remember the exact date, but it was late on a Friday night, well into the New England summer — August most likely, but cool enough that windows were open for the night. And there was a battle royal raging at the Chuck Stuart house. The Stuarts were not known for having loud fights, but this one was enough to wake the neighborhood.MORE from Penthouse

Sadly, the Chuck Stewart story has been going on for centuries and shows no signs of slowing going forward. Love can be a dangerous dance.

Mormon Roots | 40 Years Ago This Month

Mormon Reach Conceptual Art

The American-Indians’ two greatest resources — their children and their land — are threatened by the Mormon church.

Penthouse Magazine - June, 1981Cultural Genocide

They came to this land in 600 B.C., fleeing the Babylonian invasion of Jerusalem. Led by the great Lehi, who spoke with God, they crossed the great waters and landed somewhere on the West Coast of the Americas, the new Promised Land.MORE from Penthouse

All religions have roots in concurrent uplifting and occasionally horrific experience. The Mormon church followed Western settlers in general.

Andrew W.K. | 10 Years Ago This Month

Musician and professional partier Andrew W.K. recently took a new role, as sort of a rock ringmaster of the Dos Equis-sponsored “Most Interesting Show in the World.” He led a 17-city tour of music, magic, burlesque, and other variety acts presented to the public with no cover charge and free Dos Equis.

Penthouse Magazine - May, 2011The Most Interesting Show in the World

“There really is this party feeling,” Andrew W.K. tells us. “It doesn’t feel as much like a traditional concert; it feels like a celebration. We have local performers on every show, as well as an incredible performer named Bubble Man …. I really, really love magicians and magic. I have for years. A lot of my friends almost seem to specifically hate magic; I had never even conceived that someone could hate magic! That’s like someone telling me that they hate candy or roller coasters or amusement parks! But I actually have a lot of friends who do hate candy and do hate amusement parks. Why am I friends with these downer people?”MORE from Penthouse

One may safely presume that an individual calling himself the "God of Partying" will tend to have an entertaining personality. Meet Andrew W.K. as we did, like a slap on the back from a long-lost friend.

Godsmack | 20 Years Ago This Month

Godsmack Conceptual Art

Their self-titled debut sold three million copies, and the follow-up Awake went platinum within weeks. But the latest saviors of rock ‘n’ roll aren’t about to let success go to their heads.

Penthouse Magazine - May, 2001Godsmack Leaves Its Mark

“I want you to get off your ass,” barks Godsmack singer Sully Erna. “Yeah, you.” Fans spin dervishly in the mosh pits (four are churning away) while the band plays songs from its self-titled debut and its latest, Awake, but Erna is stalking the stage, aiming his rage at the more docile concertgoers sitting down. “See that mother-fucker?” he says to someone to the guy’s left. “Pull him by the back of his pants and get him up. There is no fucking sitting down at a Godsmack show. I will come out there and get you.” The guy finally stands up, and Godsmack bums through “Whatever,” the song that took the group from little-known Boston club band to among the saviors of rock ‘n’ roll.MORE from Penthouse

Name your band Godsmack, and you have gone a long way toward identifying your philosophy if not your music.