Nancy Spungen | BONUS Penthouse Legacy

Nancy Spungen and Sid Vicious

The almost unbelievable story of the love-death relationship of Sid Vicious and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen — as witnessed by the victim’s mother.

Penthouse Magazines - October 1983Love Me, Kill Me

“There’s really a lot goin’ on here, Mom. Music. People. I’m meeting a lot of people.” It was a transatlantic phone call from my twenty-year-old daughter, Nancy. In spring of 1976 she had gone to London to visit. She had just spent a traumatic eighteen month away from home, living in New York City, where she has hung out in the rock music scene — her first love — and taken too many drugs, including heroin. Nancy had been emotionally disturbed since birth. She had spent over one fifth of her life in a school for disturbed children. She also has been committed for brief periods to several mental institutions. For years my husband, Frank and I had little control over her. Visits with too many psychiatrists had not helped. In the end, there was nothing to be done but let Nancy go, let her lead her own life.MORE from Penthouse

Few can tell a tragic story as well as a mother, and the Nancy Spungen story qualifies as one of the most sad. Beware the dreams of the Punk Romantic..

Survive Alive | 10 Years Ago This Month

Survie the End of the World

Maybe it’s a category-five hurricane or an earthquake Maybe a new virus kills humans faster than any disease since the plague. Or the next banking crisis takes us from advanced capitalism to chaos in the blink of an eye. Or, maybe the terrorists finally explode that dirty bomb.

Penthouse Magazine - July/Aug, 2010Survive the End of the World

Here’s what you can do when the only thing you can realty count on is uncertainty.MORE from Penthouse

The boy scouts are a mess these days, but that does not mean that being prepared has become a horrible idea. We just need to survive.

Henry Rollins | 20 Years Ago This Month

Henry Rollins Conceptual Art

Henry Rollins, 39 the singer of the former punk group Black Flag, is one of the hardest-working people in show business today.

Penthouse Magazine - July, 2000Penthouse “Sounds” with Henry Rollins

An actor, author, and a highly sought-after voice-over talent, the often-opinionated wordsmith has been using a number of speaking dates to take a rest (or, as he puts it, a “poor man’s therapeutic break”) from the tedious rehearsal sessions for the world tour to promote the most recent Rollins Band album, Get Some Go Again (DreamWorks Records).MORE from Penthouse

When you start out being the lead singer for a band with the same name as roach killer, you might foresee a limited future, yet Henry Rollins thrives.

Gay Umpires | 30 Years Ago This Month

Gay Umpires Conceptual Art

The major leagues’ most controversial umpire finally tells the whole truth about is double life.

Penthouse Magazine - July, 1990Behind the Mask

Growing up in Massachusetts, Dave Pallone dreamed of playing major league baseball. When a high school injury snuffed that dream, he discovered umpiring. After a long apprenticeship in the minors, Pallone became a major league umpire by crossing the picket line in the umpires’ strike of 1979. For that transgression, he paid a brutal price. Over the next ten years, union umps ostracized him relentlessly as a “scab.” They refused to associate with him off the field, trashed his equipment, spread malicious rumors about him, undermined his work in games. A closeted gay, Pallone wore not only his umpire’s mask, but also the mask of his secret personal life. His only island of sanity was a three-year relationship with his lover, Scott. But that, too, was ill-fated; the day after Thanksgiving in 1982, Scott was killed in an automobile accident.MORE from Penthouse

It does not take much of an intellectual stretch to understand that gay umpires in pro sports have been around a long time. But few have ever opened up about it.