Cesar Chavez | 46-ish Years Ago This Month

Cesar Chavez Conceptual Art

The Undefeated Leader of the Migrant Farm Workers

Penthouse Magazine - July, 1975Cesar Chavez — In His Own Words

In 1973 the International Brotherhood of Teamsters invaded the agricultural valleys of California. Their mission was to help the grape and lettuce growers crush Cesar Chavez and his United Farm Workers.MORE from Penthouse

You may not be able to name every Medal of Freedom recipient in modern history, but you should know Cesar Chavez certainly. History counts.

Sex Considerations| 10 Years Ago This Month

Sex Consideration with Dave Navarro

There are many aspects of sex to consider. Fortunately it will likely be among the more fun research projects of your life.

Penthouse Magazine - April, 2011Nothing’s Shocking

Still … “not a licensed therapist, guru, or magic relationship mender. This is sex and love advice from a guy who has seen both failure and success in the relationship department. I am a little jaded, a little disillusioned, a little sarcastic, yet very honest. Answers may be sincere, absurd, comical, or sometimes flat-out wrong. You’ll have to consider the source, I suppose.”MORE from Penthouse

Orgy | 20 Years Ago This Month

Orgy of the Senses Art

Don’t let the name fool you — Orgy’s futuristic glamsters aren’t totally debauched. Not yet anyway.

Penthouse Magazine - April, 2001Group Grope

In just a few days, the members of Orgy are scheduled to play Tulsa, Oklahoma, and they’re not really looking forward to it. Not that they’re worried they’ll bomb. Despite their galactic glam appearance and futuristic music, they’ve fared pretty well in the Bible Belt. In fact, last time they came through town, they might have fared a little too well, and they’re wondering if there’ll be a police procession waiting for them outside Cain’s Ballroom when they step offstage.MORE from Penthouse

It seems safe to theorize that many more people have enjoyed the band Orgy rather than the decidedly adult activity orgy. You may learn why.

Andrew Dice Clay | 30 Years Ago This Month

Andrew Dice Clay - Now and Then

If Andrew Dice Clay has his way, Rocky Balboa will always be with us to overcome the odds.

Penthouse Magazine - April, 1991Little Boy Blew …

Like Stallone’s underdog pug — whom Clay, swapping black boxing shorts for black leather jackets, claims as his inspiration — “Diceman” (the Andrew Dice Clay nom de comedy) now finds himself rising from the canvas, a bit battered and blue, struggling to hold on to the heavyweight title of comedy. In his corner are millions of fans clutching their sides in laughter; standing over him are grim-faced referees wishing him down for the count and thinking: There oughta be a law against comics poking fun at women, gays, blacks, Jews — well, everybody and everything.MORE from Penthouse

Mention the name Andrew Dice Clay, and if whomever you are speaking with recognizes it, they will definitely have an opinion. We love that.