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Emily Willis: 2020 Pet of the Year Runner Up

As the first month of 2021 comes to a close, we consider it fitting to celebrate one of the closest Pet of the Year contests in recent memory with the Runner Up.

Penthouse Pet of the Year Runner Up Emily Willis

Natural stunner Emily Willis has captured more than fans’ attention with her beguiling smile and beautiful body — she’s also snagged the title of Pet of the Year Runner-Up!

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Article by Team Penthouse
Kenn Lichtenwalter - Self Portrait

If you have never heard the name, Kenn Lichtenwalter happens to be a unique American photographer from New York City who creates “urban erotica.”

It’s How You View It

Only utilizing available light, Kenn exclusively shoots in New York City, where his focus is on juxtaposing the female form with the architecture of the Big Apple, always emphasizing composition, angle and perspective in his images.MORE from Penthouse

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Camster Header

Hey, guys and gals, let’s forget about the travesty of what 2020 brought us and embrace new beginnings … with sexy cam girls!

Taking a Fresh Start in 2021 with Sexy Cam Girls

We can all agree that 2020 was not our best year, mainly because of this fucking pandemic. And, surprise surprise! The pandemic is not over! So what does this mean as far as taking a fresh start in 2021? Well, the world is changing and there are things to look forward to even if it’s not happening just yet. Remember that good things come to those who wait … and good things come to those who seek out those good things … especially in live sex chat! So check out some New Year Cam flavors!

The pandemic is still here, but at least we know that with change, we may see some sort of normalcy in time. While we wait that out, let’s chat with some hot chicks! Since we still can’t find that cute babe at the end of the bar, go on live dates, or even celebrate Valentine’s Day anywhere…options are still available virtually. After all, we’ve been doing mostly everything in our daily lives virtually for the pat year, so we can easily fuck a hot babe virtually too! has hundreds of more girls who have signed up to be cam models in 2021 alone. There is always someone there on the computer screen to talk to, whether it’s about daily life or how badly you need to blow your load. These chicks do everything in live chat from making friends to pulling out the dildoes. Wouldn’t that be one way to celebrate the new year? Never hurts to try…unless you want it to!

Check out some of the top cam girls online and what their biggest fans have said about their shows:

Leila Leduc

New Years Cam Girl Leila Leduc

“Such a very beautiful doll! Worth every single penny!”


New Year Cam Girl Jessy

“Jeessy is one beautiful girl and so seductive! She draws your attention the second you get into her room and it’s amazing!!”

Alina Volkov

New Year Cam Girl Alina Volkov

“Alina is all a man can dream about — beautiful, sexy polite, and has a clever and smart mind.”

Simone Isabel

New Year Cam Girl Simone Issabel

“Simone, you are the light of my life. You are an amazing woman. Every time I see you, I am in awe. You inspire me to be a better man. Our private sessions are always incredible. You always show how to make me feel like a king. You are my queen.”

Ashley Ramirez

Ashley Ramirez

“She always makes me feel like the luckiest guy in the world. She has the most amazing body. Her ass is to die for. Every tip you spend on her is so well worth it.”

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Coronavirus Concerts Conceptual Art

The first concert I ever attended was in Belfast, when I was fourteen. I have been to a lot of concerts.

Dance Like No One’s Watching

I saw Magnum, a soft rock band from the 1980s. They had big hair and blasted out power ballads about unrequited love. I assumed everyone would stand politely, nodding and singing along, so I wore my best outfit. Slip-on red shoes, white socks, checked golf slacks, a white T-shirt and a cream linen suit jacket with the sleeves rolled up, so I would look like Crockett from Miami Vice.MORE from Penthouse

We are all doing our best to make do in a COVID-19 world that stubbornly refuses to let go, but Coronavirus Concerts just can't compete.
Article by Matt Gallagher
Vanessa Guillen March Conceptual Art

A young soldier was murdered in April for simply trying to do her job and serve her country. Her life and memory are now spurring pushes for hard change in the military.

A Movement is Born

On April 22, 2020, midday on the sprawling Texas base of Fort Hood, a 20-year-old U.S. Army soldier named Vanessa Guillén went missing. While junior soldiers going AWOL is hardly unheard of at Fort Hood, or any other military base, that tends to happen before or after long weekends, not during Wednesday lunches. Further confusing the situation, Guillén’s military ID card, credit card and keys were found inside the 3rd Cavalry Regiment (3CR) armory, where she worked as a small arms mechanic and spent much of her workdays. Whatever this was, it wasn’t normal.MORE from Penthouse

The military sword cuts both ways as the shocking murder of our young soldier Vanessa Guillén painfully tells the tale.
Article by Sean Bruce
John McAfee Composite

We talk with eccentric millionaire, cybersecurity expert and persona non grata John McAfee about conspiracies, tax evasion and that infamous Russian roulette story.

On The Run with John McAfee

When our Skype call connects, I see John McAfee sitting in a soundproofed room. He’s been a fugitive, on the run from the American government, for nearly a year. But he hasn’t let that diminish his spirit. McAfee, 74, is in great shape for his age, and his energy levels are those of a much younger man.MORE from Penthouse

Article by Robert Epstein, Ph.D.
Google on Your Shoulder

Google is determined to observe you and your children in every room of your home, to rig elections to suit their needs and to reshape humanity to fit their values. You can still fight back, but soon you won’t be able to.

Big Brother Is in Your House and in Your Voting Booth

If you’ve been feeling a bit nervous lately about Google-and-the-Gang — well, it’s about time. Google, and, to a lesser extent, other tech companies in the U.S. and China, pose the most serious threats to democracy, free speech and human autonomy that humanity has ever faced.MORE from Penthouse

People trade security for convenience. Anyone who has ever used a password or flown since post-911 knows that. So how much will we pay Google for making our lives easier?
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Dr. Anthony Fauci

It’s the American Dream: Impoverished European immigrants travel to the United States for a better life, and their grandson becomes world-famous long after they’re dead. What could be more inspirational?

Anthony Fauci: Human of the Moment

Growing up in Brooklyn, little Anthony Fauci, descendant of those brave Italian pioneers, was inspired by the work of his father, a pharmacist. Seeing hard-working old dad whip up remedies to cure what ailed the sickly of New York, Anthony bethought himself, “What if, when I grow up, I could cure what ailed the whole country?” It was then that the youngster decided to become an immunologist — or at least to find out what an immunologist was.MORE from Penthouse

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Happy 2021 from Penthouse Pet Lena Anderson

Let us be brutally honest: The abominable 2020 has set the bar so low as to make it very likely impossible for 2021 to be worse, so we feel fairly confident in our optimism.

Happy Penthouse 2021! Keep the Penthouse Faith (and Revel in the Faithful)!

Many around here feel like if we can just make it past noon on January 20th, we will be fine. All the jumbled, narcissistic, sociopathy will at least be gone from the top at that point at least. Now while this may or may not be true — the all better now part — a discussion of such potential most definitely falls into the overly political for this Happy Penthouse 2021 celebration. Instead, we decided to feature a Pet of the Month from November of 2017 in a pithy salutation. That’s way better than a vanity comb-over and blur discussion, right?

We have — as one might expect — an uncensored version running over in the members’ area called PenthouseGold. That said, depending upon how good your lip-reading skills may be, you might not even need to shell out the twenty bucks to figure out what Lena’s Happy Penthouse 2021 greetings (and honest admissions) might be here. True, we could have blurred her mouth in addition to adding the classic BEEEEEP in the audio, but what would be the fun in that?

Besides, around here we consider it a crime against nature to mar or otherwise obscure any part of Lena Anderson’s face. It’s just not done.

By the way, we encourage you to heck out Lena on Instagram or on Twitter, should you feel an instant need. Of course you may also check out Lena on theses pages as well.