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Tom MacDonald Portrait

Tom MacDonald offers the brave breath of fresh air for which many of us yearn.

But Who IS Tom MacDonald?

In the current heated climate, few have the guts to speak up, while MacDonald is fearless in offering an alternative worldview, bringing hope to many who see themselves as outsiders.MORE from Penthouse

You may know of Tom MacDonald already, or you may simply know of other much like Tom MacDonald. Penthouse does tend to celebrate the unique in a variety of fashions.
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Easter Cam Girls

Happy Easter! What shall we put in your Easter basket this year?

Celebrate Easter Cam Girls with These Cute Chicks

Instead of your usual chocolate bunnies, colored eggs, and confetti … how about we load it full of the cutest chicks and some real sweets that will make your mouth water! What could be better than Easter Cam Girls? After all, thousands of the hottest chicks on the planet are ready for you to unwrap and enjoy during live sex shows right now on!MORE from Penthouse

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Angel Sweety

The “Cyber Cutie” made a return to Penthouse Magazine recently, these now apparently from another of the top cam organizations around, Flirt for Free. If the pandemic world had any kind of a silver lining at all, the discovery of cam networks might be it.

Heaven on Earth

Sinfully gorgeous Angel Sweety hails from the beautiful country of Colombia. With a luscious pout and a killer bod, it’s easy to see how this curvy cam girl has earned a devoted following—and the coveted title of Penthouse Cyber Cutie! One look at the 27-year-old stunner’s heavenly photos had us on cloud nine. But as one online admirer wrote, “Don’t be fooled by her innocent-looking face — she’s 100% naughty!”MORE from Penthouse

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Mongolian Cultural Genocide Conceptual Art

On a new frontier of the Middle Kingdom’s geopolitical ambition, the Chinese Communist Party is erminating the Mongolian Alphabet, Language and Culture.

Inner Mongolia China’s Cultural Genocide

“The right to learn and use one’s mother tongue is an inalienable right for all,” tweeted the former president of Mongolia, Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj, in response to a decision by the government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to terminate bilingual Mongolian education in China’s Inner Mongolia.MORE from Penthouse

Article by Simon Fenech
Breaking Good Conceptual Art

For seven years, the only TVs I saw were the ones offered to me in exchange for ice, as we call it in Australia, or crystal meth, as it’s known around the world.

So, Yes, Drugs are Bad

When you are in the relentless grip of this drug, leisure time doesn’t exist. The only thing that matters is where your next puff is coming from.MORE from Penthouse

Article by Ben Pobjie
Conceptual Presentation of Russian Space Dogs

We Should Spend A Moment To Remember The Two Pooches Who Shot For The Stars And Returned To Bark The Tale

Belka and Strelka Raise the WOOF

Many people know the story of Laika, the first dog to go into space. Sadly, Laika was also the first dog to die in space, as the Soviet space program successfully tested their hypothesis that dogs could die in space. A far more uplifting story is that of Belka and Strelka, the two dogs who followed in Laika’s paw-steps, and who became the first two dogs to come back from space alive.MORE from Penthouse