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Zenga Promotional Art

This Is Twenty-Twenty’s Coolest Fashion Collab

Penthouse Fashion

When opposite sides of the fashion world collide, the results can often be a swing and a miss, a kind of mismatch of sorts that caters to neither element of the customer base. But when Italian luxury giant Ermenegildo Zegna announced a collab with Jerry Lorenzo’s Fear of God streetwear brand, ears around the globe suddenly pricked up.MORE from Penthouse

Article by Sam Machado Fetish Celebration

Do you have a fetish that you keep to yourself because others might find it strange?

Explore Your Wildest Fetishes With Sexy Cam Girls on Camster

Guess what? That fetish will almost certainly be far more common than you probably realize. Besides, what others think should never stop you from having fun in life. And on that note, we have a perfect way to explore all your wildest fantasies online no matter where you live or when you want to come out and play — thanks to Camster! (We’re givers. What can we say?)MORE from Penthouse

Article by Rob Pegley
Conor McGregor Conceptual Art

“We’re not just here to take part. We’re here to take over.”

The Fight of the Century

Conor McGregor was talking about himself and the Irish nation he represents, after an emotional victory in the octagon back in 2014. But he could well have been talking about the sport he long competed in.MORE from Penthouse

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Polyamory Conceptual Art

Sex doesn’t have to take a central role in screen depictions of polyamory and non-monogamy, but, as in real life, it certainly makes things more interesting.

PolyLove on the Big and Small Screen

Two Men and a BabeGiven an estimated 20 percent of people have tried some form of ethical non-monogamy, around 70 percent have had an affair, and the rest of us are too scared to admit it, it’s no surprise multiperson romantic entanglements are becoming — albeit slowly — fodder for TV and filmmakers.MORE from Penthouse

If you find yourself unfamiliar with the term Polyamory, then you very likely need not worry about it. Just don't judge those that embrace it,
Article by Ian Miles Cheong
Kotaku Grave

Hawking social justice to gamers is like trying to sell meat to a vegan — and that is precisely what games publications are doing, attempting to cater to an audience of woke self-proclaimed crusaders against injustice.

Game Over for Kotaku UK

The problem is gamers just want to play games; they have no interest in politics or in seeing social justice injected into their hobby.MORE from Penthouse

The name Kotaku may honestly mean not all that much to you. Yet the demise of this Trojan Horse in the gaming community thrilled some.
Article by Matt Gallagher
Warfighters Conceptual Art

America’s Global War on Terror is nearly old enough to legally drink. How have servicemembers changed over that time? What’s stayed the same? Our national security columnist asked some fighting men and women just that.

A Generation of Warfighters — from Kabul to Kurdistan

“We will never win in Afghanistan … it gives us a place to go and be warriors.”MORE from Penthouse

The term "Warfighters" may be novel to you, but the concept seems fairly simple. Now consider entire generations growing up that way.
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Poolside with Ms. Meyers

Self-proclaimed “Professional Smokeshow” Kindly Myers caught our attention with her dazzling personality and taste for adventure

Kindly Meyers

Consequently, we couldn’t resist tagging along on her recent trip to Cancun, while shadowing photographer Dewayne Jones — who, y’know, kindly let us snoop.

A fitness enthusiast, Kindly’s social media is filled with shots of her perfectly toned body. Just one look at her photos from all over the world is enough to stir a sense of lust — both wander and otherwise — within her audience that amounts to several million followers.

Hailing from Bowling Green, Kentucky, Kindly counts herself as a lifetime “Big Blue Nation” (Univeristy of Kentucky) superfan, even though she now resides 60 miles down the road in Nashville, Tennessee. As with most people of merit, Kindly also loves animals and loves to travel, so if you’re looking to find a way to her heart, at least now you know where to begin.

Should you wish to catch up with the excellent photographer, Dewayne Jones on your own, the “interscopephotography” Instagram would be an excellent place to begin. Full disclosure, we cannot guarantee that Dewayne will invite you to his next shoot, but the search for inspiration will be worth the effort regardless.

ADDENDUM: So the magazine, being a paper product and thus limited by annoying things like “space” and “cost” and other equally mundane considerations had a quick mini-feature they were going to run after the Kindly layout. They called it “Sneaker Freak” and conceived it starring our own Penthouse Pet Violet Summers. Even after commissioning the professional shoot, they simply ran out of space for the “featurette” in the issue. We, of course, over here in the generally confusing-to-old-print-people world of digital publications have no such limitations, so we decided to go with the original plan. To put this in terms these aged folks should understand, and in the nicest and most respectful way we can imagine, we now wish them all a hearty and unabashedly vociferous neener-neener.

As over 10 million people have already figured out, you can easily find Violet on a current basis over on Instagram as well, but do not forget our own preserved for posterity celebration of her both here, and in a decidedly more revealing fashion over on PenthouseGold. … NOW we can “kindly” bid you farewell. Temporarily.

Article by Chris Flynn
Cassette Tapes Conceptual Art

Kids today, huh? Am I right? Actually no, I’m totally wrong.

Retro Cassette PLAYtime

We act like teenagers are non-communicative monosyllabic androids, but they actually have a million different ways of communicating with each other. They just don’t want to talk to us. Man, if I had Snapchat and WhatsApp and TikTok as a 15-year-old, I would have been a total hit with the ladies, producing hilarious videos to make them laugh coyly and slaying with the pithy banter.MORE from Penthouse

Article by Deb Kavis
Sidewalk Pjoject Soma Snakeoil

It’s Thursday morning and I’m watching the Zoom room for signs of artist and dominatrix Soma Snakeoil. She appears on my screen promptly at the stroke of 9am, ready to discuss her passion for outreach.

An Interview with Soma Snakeoil

Her organization, The Sidewalk Project, operates with an emphasis on community and wellness through direct action. At a time when the world is in such dire need of healing, the efforts of The Sidewalk Project have a deep and lasting impact in the local Los Angeles community and beyond.    MORE from Penthouse

The need for something like The Sidewalk Project underlines how far we still need to travel in caring for everyone. You can help. Whether that be a little or a lot, please do. Pay it forward.