Our Retro 80s Fourth

Article by Amie Wee and Team Penthouse

We see another Penthouse centerfold in Christmas Evil, a 1980 horror-thriller about a middle-aged toy factory worker named Harry Stadling (Brandon Maggart), who is obsessed with Christmas and goes on a Yuletide killing spree while dressed as Santa Claus. In one scene, Harry is peering into the window of a boy’s bedroom to determine whether he’s been naughty or nice — only to catch the kid cutting out a bare-breasted centerfold image from the glossy pages of Penthouse. That triggers a flashback to when young Harry watched Santa Claus go down on his mother in 1948.

In the 1988 Ozploitation thriller Vicious!, a rich young guy — who has just graduated high school and seems to have a promising future ahead of him — turns into a ruthless killer when he falls in with a gang of misfits. There’s a strange scene in which he’s idly flicking through an Australian Penthouse when a trio of hooligan robbers come calling.

In 2019, Penthouse even got a mention in the popular supernatural ‘80s-throwback Netflix series Stranger Things. In season three’s third episode — “The Case of the Missing Lifeguard” — Max and Eleven raid teen heartthrob Billy’s bedroom and discover a bunch of genuine ‘80s editions of Penthouse magazine stashed in his drawers.

Although The Gooch and the ‘80s are behind us, Penthouse continues to thrive. Grab your popcorn.

Granted, you might be headed out to watch things explode leaving trails of pretty lights in the sky. Naturally this might cause you to spill your popcorn, so you might wait to get back home for that. Should you decide to look up that singular episode of Stranger Things, however, we have unearthed an old page — not ‘80s, sorry — here on the site which might give you a step up in your viewership. Gotta love vintage, regardless of the era, y’know at least if it includes beautiful women.

Oh! We did find some excellent pictures of a vintage trailer on vintage fake turf to show off too. Sadly Sky Wonderland (Penthouse Pet, July 2021) and Cherie Noel (Penthouse Pet, August 2021) kept getting in the way of the shots. Sorry about that.